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[Gen'l Info] my grandfather, an original g-man

if anyone can help....

i'm trying to find records on my grandfather's government service from the 1920's through the 40's. would he be considered "military" if he was sent to war college (1914) by general funston? later, he was lieut. of intelligence under general holmes (1915). most of his career was spent as an undercover agent with the treasury department, secret service division (1919-194?).
the reason i ask if this would be considered military is because no records have been found through my correspondences with nara, foia, ft. bliss, various university librairies, treasury dept. liason, nor any of the presidential libraries for the years that he worked. also, there is no social security information from ssd. i also tried nara, civil branch. if his service is not military, where would i look for records? i do know that he had seven citations that he received from five different u.s. presidents (wilson, hoover, roosevelt included) and can find no official record of any of these.

i learned all of this after the death of my mother in 2001, when i found two letters delivered back in 1947 by military courier to my mom and the woman i always thought was my grandmother. these letters had been stashed away for 50 years. i'm the last of my family now, so i have no one left to answer any questions.

the letters are an apology to my family for what "the bureau" did. the writer of the letter, mr. moran, director, ustdssd, briefly outlined 'gramps' work and all the lies that were necessary to provide cover for him and protection for me and my family. apparently, his work involved curbing narcotics, rum running, smuggling aliens and white slavery. the letter mentions undercover work out of galveston, frisco, boston, chicago and n.y. but gives no details. the letter does mention that he had a part in the st. valentine's day massacre. (interestingly, the reason given in the letter for the massacre does not have anything in common with the historical version.)

mr. moran also wrote that the chiefs of police worldwide knew "gramps" as an expert on narcotics and opiates. is there a police chiefs historian?

can anyone help? please.....prior to these letters, all i knew about my grandfather is that when he died, no one claimed his remains. my mother's family were wonderful, loving people and would not have abondoned one of their own except for the warning expressed in these letters. the warning demanded that the letters be destroyed for the safety of my whole family. gramps deserved better and i really want to know what happened.

this letter has brought up more questions than answers. there has to be a few old timers out there that might know something about 'gramps' as he was known to his fellow agents.

thank you in advance for your time.


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