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Good Evening!

I am the webmaster of the California State Military Museum and the Command Sergeant Major of the California Center for Military History, a unit of the State Military Reserve of the California State Military Department.

As webmaster, I manage a very large comprehensive website dealing with the state's rich military history from the Spanish explorers to the current Global War on Terrorism.

I would like to enlist the aid of the members of this forum in expanding our knowlege of the history of our state. Due to a disastous fire in the Adjutant General's Office in the 1970's large chunchs of our history is missing and we are making great strides in rebuilding that history. Fortunantly, someone had the foresight to transfer a lot of the pre-1866 militia records to the state archives and we are in the process of digitizing the unit histories and posting them to the internet. So far we have completed all of the pre-Civil War militia units and will be starting on the 1861-1866 units soon.

Right now we are looking for any information dealing with the California Home Guard of World War I. Recently we found a copy of the California Home Guard News date 22 Dec 17. This one issue took us from knowing nothing about the force to knowing what uniform the wore, their regulation, their chain of command and about the location and officers for about 50% of the companies. One thing we found out was that famed Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille was a captain comanding a Home Guard company in Hollywood. But we suspect that there is very much more.

I am looking foward to hearing from anyone who has information and would like to add to our site!

Dan Sebby, CSM
California Center for Military History
California State Military Department

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