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[Uniforms] Textile refs for 19C regs.

Hello to all,

Can anyone recommend a good all-around reference for textiles of the nineteenth century? To be ideal for my use, a volume would include a lexicon/glossary of the textiles of the nineteenth century that takes account of changing usage. The meaning of the most basic terms - broadcloth, for example - changed with time. Iíve looked at Montgomeryís "Textiles in America, 1650-1870," but it lacks the level of detail I desire.

Moreover, I need a reference that contains a lexicon/glossary of the textile names of the nineteenth century as they pertain to US uniform regulation. I am curious about terms such as "sergeantís cloth," as specified for the 1825 chakos forage cap, and "glazed silk" as mentioned in connection with forage caps in 1846. Even the term "cloth," more-or-less generic today, seems to have had a very specific meaning in US Army and Navy regulations of the period.

I also wish to find a history of the manufacture of waterproof fabrics in the US, and their use in uniforms in the US.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Tom Lundy

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[Uniforms] Textile refs for 19C regs.
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