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[Civil War] Need Copies from Union Soldiers' Accounts

I'm collecting information on Civil War soldiers' makeshift shelters and want to obtain copies of the noted pages from the appended works. I would also need the context of the diary entry (date, location, soldier's regiment).


John Rees

page 100: James K. Hosmer, The Color-Guard, Being a Corporal's Notes of Military Service in the Nineteenth Army Corps, 1864 (MA: 755), 100.

page 416: John Mead Gould, 1839-1930, The Civil War journals of John Mead Gould, 1861-1866 / edited by William B. Jordan, Jr. (Baltimore, MD : Butternut and Blue, 1997), 416.

pages 154, 158: Petit, Corporal Frederick Petit, Infantryman Petit - the Civil War Letters of Corporal Frederick Petit - edited by William Gilfillan Gavin (Avon Books, New York 1991/1990), 154, 158.

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[Civil War] Need Copies from Union Soldiers' Accounts
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