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[Gen'l Info] Sherrod Williams Sr, War of 1812

I am curious and desperate for information on my GGGG Grandfather. We have a huge Williams Family Web site and several of those are geneologist and researchers but none have been able to find out what my GGGG Grandfather's name is. The history stops at Sherrod Williams 4/20/1776 who married Mary Ann "Polly" Looney 1/14/1781. Ledgend has it that a father came to America from Wales (no idea where in Wales) and brought either 4 or 5 sons, Sherrod being one of them. Sherrod Sr had at least 18 children and setteled in The Williams Cove in Winchester County Tenn.

We know the family men were masons as far back as we can trace but no one yet has been able to find the Father's name or where in Wales to begin the search.

Grave stone of Sherrod Sr reads as follows:
Sherrod Williams Sr
CPL 2 West Tenn Vols
War of 1812
April 20,1779 - Sept 12,1831

If anyone knows how I can find this information or has any ideas, can you please contact me? This big mystery has been getting researched for at least 50 years.

Much money has been spent hiring and buying information. I as a non-researcher, or maybe I should say a beginning researcher (because you know I am hooked now) am going to post at some unlikely sites to see if I can get any sort of response.

I would love to be able to find this information out before the last couple of ggg Gransons (or what ever they are) pass away. They are in their late 80's so time may be of the essence. One of them, Mr. Vaughn, has learned to use the computer (in his 80's) and done alot of researching and spent a whole lot of money trying to find the answer to this question.

Also, many family members have done and are doing DNA testing to verify certain connections. It has been a very large project and I would dearly love to find the answer if not for myself, for Mr. Vaughn. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Terri Williams-Reed

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[Gen'l Info] Sherrod Williams Sr, War of 1812
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