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Re: [Uniforms] Fort Congaree, SC, 1718-1722

You may be able to track down some info from the following source:

The Archeological Society of South Carolina generates three regular publications which are mailed to all paid members. This includes: a quarterly newsletter,Features & Profiles, containing information about the society and events; a scholarly journal published annually, South Carolina Antiquities containing articles about South Carolina archaeology and adjacent areas; and occasional papers published as book-length reports on South Carolina archaeology.

Contact Nena Rice for more Details.
South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
1321 Pendlton Street, Columbia SC 29208-0071
phone:(803)777-8170 fax:(803) 254-1338

The Following is a compiled publication of the ASSC first ten years of South Carolina Antiquities Journal

Volume 7 1975 No. 2

Fort Congaree on the Carolina Frontier: Archaeological Investigations 1970 through 1975
David G. Anderson

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[Uniforms] Fort Congaree, SC, 1718-1722
Re: [Uniforms] Fort Congaree, SC, 1718-1722
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