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[Uniforms] 34th & 54th Ohio VI 1861-2 references zouave dress

I'm in the process of working up a possible plate for MUIA on the zouave dress of the 34th and 54th Ohio, Piatt's Zouaves and Second Zouaves. I have a fair amount of useful primary source material, but I'm lacking one or two period descriptions that would lend weight to the photographic evidence for details of what was worn. In particular, I'm looking for the relevant uniform descriptions from:

Walter George Smith, "Life and Letters of Thomas Kilby Smith", 1898. Not sure which page - somewhere between pp 10 - 147 or 169 - 408, I think!! Smith was Colonel of the 54th, and I'm aware that a description does exist in this book.

Cleveland "Leader", January 11, 1862. Again, don't know the page. This reference is given in Don Troiani's Civil War book - I need to cite chapter and verse. (There was a Cleveland paper called the "Leader". There was also one called the "Plain Dealer". Hopefully, the d's and l's have not got switched here, and it's the "Leader", not the "Dealer".)

I'm in the UK, and access to these sources is impossible, so any assistance would be much appreciated! Equally, if anyone reading this has come across any other contemporary descriptions, I'd always be interested.

Many thanks, in anticipation .....

Richard Warren

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[Uniforms] 34th & 54th Ohio VI 1861-2 references zouave dress
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