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Re: [AmRevolution] South Carolina Council of Safet

From: South Carolina Historical Society

Available on microfilm.
Papers consist of correspondence, Congressional and military records, and other items. Included are the papers of John Laurens (1754-1782) and William Thompson (1736-1781) and the correspondence of James Laurens (1728-1784), the Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), and William Piercy.
Business correspondence includes a letter book (1755-1757) of Austin & Laurens and concerns trade in slaves, rice, indigo, and other commerce. Other letter books contain correspondence regarding financial, business, and plantation affairs, family estate matters, politics, travels, the education of Henry Laurens' son John, and personal and family matters. Also included is a volume (1759-1763) containing invoices for rice, indigo, deer skins, lumber, and other goods, with the names of ships and their destinations.

Papers (1775-1776) pertaining to Henry Laurens activities in the Provincial Congress of South Carolina include a journal of the Council of Safety of the Provincial Congress; receipts; military rosters and pay bills; and correspondence of the Council of Safety and the Committee of Intelligence.

Papers pertaining to Laurens' service in the U.S. Continental Congress include correspondence; minutes, journals, resolves, memorials, and reports of the Congress and its committees; speeches and other material (1777-1779) pertaining to the Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw Indians, mostly in East Florida; reports on military conditions, engagements, losses, and prisoners; and notes on debates. A letter book (1782-1783) includes correspondence of Laurens in England and France regarding treaty negotiations with Great Britain. Other letter books concern Laurens' imprisonment in England, diplomatic efforts, and the Treaty of Paris.
Other items include an account book (1772-1779) of James Laurens, brother of Henry Laurens; an essay (1763) by Henry Laurens written under the pseudonym "Philoteles"; estate accounts of George Whitefield (handled by Henry Laurens for the Countess of Huntingdon); a "waste book" (1749-1751) containing accounts of business transactions to be transferred later to formal accounts; and legal documents and other material (1840-1860) regarding a dispute involving the estate of Eliza Laurens Toomer, one of Laurens' heirs.
Cite as: Laurens, Henry, 1724-1792. Henry Laurens papers, 1747-1860. (37) South Carolina Historical Society.
Charleston, S.C. merchant, plantation owner, South Carolina state legislator, U.S. Continental Congressman, and U.S. diplomat.
Papers published in The Papers of Henry Laurens, U.S.C. Press, 1992.

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