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Re: [AmRevolution] South Carolina Council of Safet

Here are a few other sources which may prove helpful.

The Continental Army
South Carolina

Salley, Alexander S. ----, editor. "Papers of the Second Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party in South Carolina November 1775-March 1776." South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, 3 (October 1902), pp. 193-201; 4 (1903), pp. 3-25, 83-97, 195-214.

South Carolina. Council of Safety. "Journal of the Second Council of Safety, appointed by the Provisional Congress, November, 1775 [November 30, 1775-26 February 1776]." Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society, 3 (1859), pp. 35-271

Tennent, William. "Fragments of a Journal Kept by the Rev. William Tennent Describing his Journey, in 1775, to Upper South Carolina at the request of the Council of Safety, to induce the Tories to sign an Association to support the cause of the Colonists." Year Book, City of Charleston for 1894, pp. 295-312.

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