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[AmRevolution] Militia movements in So.Carolina in 1779 and 1780.

In an effort to insure as much historical accuracy as possible, I am seeking "insights" to a pension record I am trying to "decode." It is badly smeared and almost impossible to read. I THINK I have been able to "read" the following, but before I make any conclusions, I would like comments:

"...he was drafted and entered in the service of the militia of South Carolina in the District of Ninety Six....under Col Williamson in the month of Februrary 1779....that Capt John Liles which he belonged."

I am correct in concluding that this "Col Williamson" is Andrew Williamson?

Has anyone done any work that would present the "organizatinal chart" of the South Carolina Militia in 1779? I would like to know how this "command" of Capt John Liles fit into the scheme of things...I have found reference that states "John the age of 18 belonged to a company of horse operating against Cherokee Indians...afer Revoluntionary War broke out, appointed capt. of infantry. James Liles, his eldest brother was Col of the regiment. John Liles, after 2.5 years was appointed to Major....

I assume that John Liles was with Williamson prior to the Revolutionary War, as part of the Cherokee campaigns...

What was the South Carolina Militia doing during the period from February to May, 1799?

The pension application is almost impossible to read, but I think I can make out the following:
"...under the command of col Williamson, marches to Augusta from thence on towards Savannah, but some distance below Augusta, they (British and tories) in pursuit until they came to ______________ , which they took in possession."

I can't make out the place that the British "took in possession"...It's below Augusta, and whatever happened took place between February and May, of 1779. In the pension, it looks like "usualplace," but I know that can't be correct...

"I was also attached to Col. Shelby's Regiment at the siege of Augusta..." What is the best and most reliable reference in looking at the siege of Augusta?

"I was with Capt Parsons at the Battle of the Black Stocks." I have a fairly good handle on the Battle of Blackstock's Plantation, but if anyone has a comment, or resource they like, I'd appreciate hearing from you...

"...and in a scrimmage at Briar Creek with the Tories.." Calling Briar Creek a "scrimmage" has me a little concerned....

Then, in a later amended pension application, I really get confused:

"1780, May....entered into the war of the revolution as a private mounted volunteer under Captain Major Parsons....believes....White commanded the regiment which Capt Parsons.....not wish to be understood that Col White commanded the Regiment of mounted volunteers but that he was the col of the Capt Parsons.......his company of volunteers.......Col regiment...

I conclude that Captain Major Parsons is the same John Liles mentioned above, but who is this Col White? I have found reference to a Colonel Anthony White in the battle of Lenud's Ferry "Some of the Continental that had escapated Monck's Corner reformed along the Santee River under the command of Colonel Anthony White...."

Am I also safe in concluding that this second tour of duty in May is a reaction to the chaos that comes after the fall of Charleston? I get this impression because of the statement "The object of Capt Parsons volunteers was to oppose the British who were making their way to the up country and to defeat the tories in their aid to the British." Any comments here?

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[AmRevolution] Militia movements in So.Carolina in 1779 and 1780.
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