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The Basiliscoe Mercury 253

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The Basiliscoe Mercury 253

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Appropriately for the Olympics we have several stories of sports and also hunting and cookery. It’s summer and archaeologists are out diving and digging, with their finds creeping into the news.

Ancient arms

Details on Ötzi’s clothes and quiver discovered - lots of pictures

New thoughts on the Cahokia culture

Cache of Obsidian blades

Investigating Kurul Fort, Turkey

Investigating 7th century graves and grave goods from Beckum, Germany

Piecing together a helmet from the Staffordshire Hoard

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Hunting with stones

Latest in the dead mammoth theories - thirst

Butchery in the Stone-age

Chariot racing on mosaics from Cyprus

Horse-fighting in medieval Iceland

Salmon fishing in the middle ages

Grave stories

New interpretation of the ships and graves at Salme, Estonia

Discovery of Maya warrior - and his snakes

More on Henry VIII and his possible head injury

Fascinating story of a 19th century Smithsonian explorer

Fans of this section will want to go and see this touring exhibition:

On the Frontlines

Artefacts from Fulford Bridge found

Forgotten Battle of Sark victory site added to Scotland's battlefield list

Still digging at Lake George Battlefield Park

Update on the Alamo excavations

Palo Alto Battlefield opens for visitors

Following the Rogue River Indian war

Celebrating 100 years of National Parks, US

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Investigating Tintagel

Excavations at Caherconnell Cashel, the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland

Interpreting the facilities at Kastritsi fortress

Italian castle for sale

And Craig Castle in Scotland

Venetian castle re-opens on Cretan harbour

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Artillery brochure for Fort Augustine, Florida

India’s missing historic cannons

Burnham cannon returns – the dating is a little optimistic

Civil war cannon in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park defaced

World Heritage

Interesting piece about the Admiralty district of Hong Kong

Tipu Sultan’s dream diary on show

Short piece about powder house in Maine

Living in the past

Still talking about jousting for the Olympics

New Zealand takes up historic fencing

Café Basiliscoe

Stone-age cuisine

Restoring Pompeii’s kitchens

War and coffee

And if you are in London this summer, here’s a way to spend an evening

Into the 20th century

Photograph album from the Boer war

Unexpected find when excavating WWI training trench in Hampshire

Still looking for that elusive gold train in Poland…

Focus on IWM’s Victor bomber

Nautical news

Re-thinking Columbus’ journey

Shipwreck with 16th century French cannons found off cape Canaveral

Update on the recovered finds from HMS London

Update on the San José, Colombia

Bit more on the Napoleonic era bronze cannon found off Liguria, Italy

Fascinating pictures from the sloop Washington in the Great Lakes

WWI ships get protection

Museum news and exhibitions


Weapons stolen from Salepur Museum recovered and thieves apprehended

Gun thieves target Trail Museum, British Columbia

But recovered..

The downside of Pokémon Go visitors to your attraction- part 1

And part 2

Exhibition of war photographs vandalized

New museums

Interesting article to establish a museum for Gertrude Bell

Ludlow Museum in the Buttercross re-opens

Conservation corner

Investigating medieval manuscripts

Tools for medieval painters

Charles Dawson and Piltdown man, again…


Emperor Frederick and his eagles

Portrait of Earl of Carlisle in robes by Reynolds bought by Tate

Historic gold Nazi gun owned by Hermann Goering to be auctioned off

Story of the Kalashnikov


Selection of French portrait drawings coming to the BM this autumn

Brutality of war at Saint Louis


Ed. Ilse Bogaerts: From battlefield to drawing room - textile and (military) fashion around 1815 Book on uniforms

Graeme Henderson: Swallowed by the Sea: The Story of Australia’s Shipwrecks

Benjamin J. Hruska: Interpreting Naval History at Museums and Historic Site

Snap up some bargains at the Royal Armouries book sale

Online Book

Charles John ffoulkes: The Armourer and His Craft

Popular culture

Interesting article about Japanese films reflecting the atomic bomb and its horrors

Amused by the map of the Knight Tube

Photo essay of the Palio



24 August University of Southampton
Free event: Medieval Soldier Research Day
Contact for details and tickets

12-16 September Cadiz
Introduction to Naval Artillery and its Historical Meaning

30 September 2016 - 1 October 2016 Wallace Collection
All Depends Upon the Brave: Recent Research into Museum Collections of Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Asian Arms and Armour

14 -16 October 2016 London
1066: Interpreting the Norman Conquest in 2016

15 October Guildhall, Shrewsbury
Fortress Salopia Symposium - Shropshire’s military heritage

Sales Fairs and auctions

Gavin Gardiner at Glenagles

Websites and downloads

Military History online

A few Scottish museums and institutions

1066 etc

The end of Roman Britain, Richard the Lionheart and Florence,


This fortnight I enjoyed PAS in the Marsh’s tweets

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 21 August 2016

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