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The Basiliscoe Mercury 254

The Basiliscoe Mercury 254

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What we laughingly call summer is drawing to a close here in Yorkshire and the evenings are beginning to draw in. To help you through these dark times we have stories of Romans in Scotland, the search for HMS Terror, a crusader grenade and a bunch of theses to peruse. At least we have the heritage open days round Europe to look forward to in September.

Ancient arms and forts

Ancient Greek fortress found in Crimea

Finds from Byzantine Bulgaria - includes general’s seal

Finds from Roman fort near Falkirk include bolts

More on the Romans in Dumfriesshire

Crusader hand grenade amongst finds found off the sea in Israel - picture

Maya edged tools

Round the world

First trial for destruction of cultural heritage at The Hague

Grave stories

Update on the search for Suleiman’s tomb in Hungary

Durham soldiers to be reburied

Identifying the Bounty mutineers from their pigtails (!)

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Sechele's Cannon: Ramsay versus Grant in Mafikeng Museum (not as old the 1770s though!)

Fighting Zanzibar, for 40 minutes…


Spanish publisher clones world's most mysterious book: The Voynich Manuscript

Caravaggio - innocent of the murder rap…

Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site; Pennsylvania's early industry

Into the 20th century

100 years of Britain’s Coastal Forces

Nazi gold train off again

Nazis spies in Britain came to a sticky end

What the Arctic commemorations are about

Nautical news

Update on conservation of the Newport ship

Update on the Cape Canaveral shipwreck - leaning towards Spain now…

Looking for the wrecks of slave ships from Africa

Finding evidence of slaves escaped from a French East Indiamen

Archaeologists to resume search for Sir John Franklin's HMS Terror

But Norwegians raise the Maud

Searching for 'Who knows what we might find': lost WWII flying boat

Fascinating story of “Churchill’s Yacht” at the Naval Museum of Québec

Photographs of USS Independence

Museum news and exhibitions


Hunt for red Pokémon…

A tour of the arms and armour in Government Museum, Chennai, south India

Centenary for one of the Smithsonian Museums

Royal Society offers grants to small museums,AL45,27M8ZE,10LK7,1

New museums – All in the US this week

A visit to Noah’s Ark, Kentucky

Controlling visitor flow in new Smithsonian Museum

Museum of the American Revolution coming

Museum musings

Is the destruction of cultures a war crime?

Conservation corner

Conservation in Turkey

Cleaning the Chandos portrait

Burnt tapestries to go on view


France gets to keep Joan of Arc’s ring

Early confederate flag for sale


Exhibitions at Nuremburg

Engravings of Hendrick Goltzius at Basel

Benjamin Franklin at the Met

Breastplate exhibition at Tweed Museum, Murwillumbah


Pre-order: Thom Richardson: The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century

Mike Loades: The Composite Bow

Robert Brooker: British Military Pistols and Associated Edged Weapons, 1600-1890.
Available from Robert Brooker. P.O. Box 1537, Manchester, MA 01944, USA- he can take checks in US$ or Pounds Stirling (I can supply his email if needed)

Tøjhusmuseet now has online shopøjhusmuseet&langid=2

Book sale in Vienna[featured]=1

Online book

Cristóbal Lechuga : Discurso del capitán Cristoual Lechuga : en que trata de la artillería, y de todo lo necesario a ella, con un... (1611) -


Heritage Open days this September!


12-16 September Cadiz
Introduction to Naval Artillery and its Historical Meaning

30 September 2016 - 1 October 2016 Wallace Collection
All Depends Upon the Brave: Recent Research into Museum Collections of Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Asian Arms and Armour

14 -16 October 2016 London
1066: Interpreting the Norman Conquest in 2016

15 October Guildhall, Shrewsbury
Fortress Salopia Symposium- Shropshire’s military heritage

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Special on Sessions Medieval Equestrianism at IMC 2017

Websites and downloads

Naval Museum of Québec

Teutonic Knights thesis
From Ringwork to Stone Fortification: Power and the Evolution of Anglo-Norman Castles in North-Eastern Ireland

1066 etc- Royal palaces & sovereignty


This fortnight we tweeted on #MuseumCannonDay!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 31 August 2016

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