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The Basiliscoe Mercury 256

The Basiliscoe Mercury 256

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Lots of hunting and fishing stories from right round the world. Confirmation of the identity of HMS Terror and the ramifications of the Franklin expedition- why did they die and who owns the artefacts rumbles on. Two big exhibitions for autumn - medieval Jerusalem in New York and medieval embroidery in London. Last chance to come to the Wallace collection seminar at the weekend!

Arms and armour in the news

Hunting round the world and through the ages

Mammoth found in California island

Dogs, hunting and prehistoric Japan

Fishing in Japan, 20,000 years ago

Fisherman’s hut from the Ottoman empire, Ashkelon, Israel

The trouble with melting glaciers…

Grave stories

Burials in Georgia examined,411221,unusual-burials-at-an-ancient-cemetery-in-georgia.html

Reconstructing an Inca warrior’s face

Death by boomerang

This week’s search-for-dead-monarch: Genghis Khan!

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Anglo-Saxon palace found near Sutton Hoo
Well in time for Hallowe-en - Witches in Bodiam

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

New way to smuggle drugs - shoot them from cannons

Thai Minister of defence worships before ancient cannons

Tale of a Confederate cannon

Café Basiliscoe

Brewing beer from 200 year old yeast

Or the 120 year old whisky, if you prefer a dram


Interesting article about explosions in Tudor and Stuart London

Guy Fawkes - early, I know…

Update on excavating 16th century Florida

Under Oppenheim in war and peace - interesting story!

Update on search for Fort Howard

Into the 20th century

What to do with Hitler’s birthplace?

Putting the cold into the Cold War…

World Heritage

Sentence in trial of destruction of the Timbuktu shrines

How not to restore your Great Wall

Japanese history in the VOC archives

Piece about historical monuments in the Punjab

Nautical news

Latest finds from the Antikythera wreck: spoiler - it’s human

Looking for the VOC ship Aagtekerke

Latest from Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes and its cannon

Interesting story about Charles Brookefield and HMS Winchester

Survey of the Utrecht, lost off the Orkneys, 1807

Questions raised by the HMS Terror discovery

And what killed Franklin’s crew…

More on the discovery of HMS Warrior, lost at Jutland

Wreck of Yamato battleship filmed in HD

Scotland's hidden shipwrecks

Museum news and exhibitions


Effects of increasing ivory ban

New museums

New work at Washington’s National Gallery

New museum of antiquities planned for Cyprus

Museum musings

Canadian Museum establishes department to return artefacts to first nations

British Museum and aborigine artefacts

International cooperation

Conservation corner

Conserving the Black Prince’s jupon

Short article on gun engraving

Restoring the Dauntless


Silver medal commemorating recovery of cannon from a Dutch shipwreck

Civil War photograph album

Artificial leg from WWI goes on display

The story of London’s bomb disposal’s medals


Rock art from Africa in the London

Medieval embroidery in London

Artificial limbs in Glasgow

The Rhine at Bonn

Second empire in Paris

Breughels in Turin

Jerusalem in NY

The Branchini Altarpiece in LA


George Winfree & Tom Vossler: A Field Guide to Antietam

Russell A. Potter: Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search

Ed. Jill Ahlberg Yohe: Plains Indian Art of the Early Reservation Era

Book sale at Boydell & Brewer

Popular culture

Netflix to release "Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang"

Well in time for Hallowe’en - vintage mummy tales!



30 September 2016 - 1 October 2016 Wallace Collection
All Depends Upon the Brave: Recent Research into Museum Collections of Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Asian Arms and Armour

8 October Worcester
ORDCON 2016 &

14 -16 October 2016 London
1066: Interpreting the Norman Conquest in 2016
15 October Guildhall, Shrewsbury
Fortress Salopia Symposium- Shropshire’s military heritage

Sales, fairs and auctions

Results of the tank museum sale, Normandy

Julia’s October sale preview

05 October 2016 Paris
Bibliothèque cynégétique du Verne : Vénerie, fauconnerie, chasses

19 October 2016 Edinburgh
The Sporting Sale

24 October – 5 November Hermann Historica, Munich
Annual Autumn Auction 2016
Catalogues ow online

1066 etc

Baltic wars, crusading ethics & Baltic crusades

Finally: Build your own trebuchet

This fortnight we tweeted Heritage Day pictures

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 29 September 2016

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