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The Basiliscoe Mercury 257

The Basiliscoe Mercury 257

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Autumn has finally arrived; the nights are drawing in and it is time to sit by the fire and read the latest Bazzy. Viking swords, cave art, U-boats and two exhibitions on alchemy. Not to mention various pieces on the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Flint workshop found in Bulgaria

Grave of Greek Bronze Age warrior

Ancient weapons emerge from Norwegian glaciers

Update on the Viking sword in Icelandic glacier story - bones found close by….

Hunting round the world and through the ages

Ancient cave art found in north Spain

Surveying Australia’s indigenous rock art

On the frontlines

Article on the Medieval Soldier website

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Castles and the Norman Conquest

Scottish castles

Bodrum castle in bid for UNESCO status

Fishguard Fort

Grave stories

Has the body of missing Swedish count Königsmarck been found? Intriguing!

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Walker & Co 32P Blomefield in Canada

US Civil War ammo uncovered by storm Matthew

And what they did with it

Piece about the Gonzales cannon

Café Basiliscoe

Bison barbeque!

Into the 20th century

Austria decides on the fate of the Hitler birthplace

A Cold War memento

World Heritage

Hole appears in the gardens of Topkapi Palace

Bit more on the state of Topkapi Palace

Interesting feature on Tradition, art blend in Morocco 'tbourida' cavalry charges

The state of Tughlaqabad Fort, India

Living in the past

1066 re-enactment

Nautical news

Medieval Venetian ship found in the Black Sea?

New work on the Vasa

Eight wrecks found off Taiwan from the Dutch colonial period

New claims on the Whydah

Update on the search for HMS Endeavour

Finds from slaveship Sao Jose Paquete d’ Africa, sank 1794, on display

Article about a visit to HMS Trincomalee

Wreck of German U-boat UB-85 sunk in 1918 found off coast of Stranraer?

Museum news and exhibitions

New museums

RAF museum gets funding for future development

Museum musings

What nations choose to remember

V&A and photography

Conservation corner

Recreating an Ulfbreht sword

Worrying news about fake old masters flooding the market….

France's Apocalypse Tapestry to be restored to medieval glory


National Army Museum acquire robes and dagger of Lawrence of Arabia


Caravaggio‘s circle at London

Indian courts in Paris

Flemish landscapes in Dresden

Alchemy in Halle

18th century marine painting at Yale

Valentin de Boulogne in NY

Art and war in modern Japan in Saint Louis

Alchemy in LA


Laura Crombie: Archery and Crossbow Guilds in Medieval Flanders, 1300-1500

Nicholas A. Gribit: Henry of Lancaster's Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345-1346; Military Service and Professionalism in the Hundred Years War

Translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng: The Book of Horsemanship by Duarte I of Portugal

Robert F. Smith: Manufacturing Independence; Industrial Innovation in the American Revolution

Bill Harriman: The Mosin-Nagant Rifle

144 Civil and military aircraft.

Online books

Catalogue of a Most Splendid and Instructive Collection of Ancient Armour…

William Woolnoth, Edward William Brayley, William Tombleson: A series of views of the most interesting remains of ancient castles of England and Wales

Popular culture

New serial on Guy Fawkes in the pipeline?

New documentary on Cai Guo Qiang

1066 books


27 - 29 October October 27 - 29Museums at Night


24 - 25 November Oxford
Hakluyt and the Renaissance discovery of the World

Sales Fairs and auctions

24 October – 5 November Hermann Historica, Munich
Annual Autumn Auction 2016

Websites and downloads

Les Invalides blog

Arms and Armor Dept blog from the Met

Subchaser Archives & Notes

1066 etc: 1066, Templars and death in Damascus


This fortnight I followed 1066 as it happened:

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 19 October 2016

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