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The Basiliscoe Mercury 258

The Basiliscoe Mercury 258

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

The season of darkness and lights! Stories about Diwali, Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes scattered though the newsletter. Prime stories concern a well-preserved Japanese sword, assorted VOC ships and a digitalized roll of the life of Edward IV. Finally a new website for ICOMAM! Enjoy whichever of the festivals takes your fancy.

Ancient arms and battles

New information about stone tool making

Tomb of ancient warrior and his weapons found in West Pomerania,411676,west-pomerania-discovery-of-a-warrior-tomb-from-the-roman-period.html

Early 6th century BC sword from Japan in astonishing condition

New info on Titus’ attack on Jerusalem
Beasts of assorted varieties but mainly extinct…

Extinct bison found depicted in cave art - nice pictures!

Extinct cave lions - humans to blame?

Round the world

Excavations reveal palace of Khirbat Al-Minya in Israel destroyed in 749 AD.

Problems with UNESCO and Jerusalem

Piece about Anglo-Sikh war memorial in Ferozepur

Some background here )

Grave stories

Update on the death-by-boomerang story

Article on the search for the tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Caverswall Castle for sale - moated castle with own dungeon…

Dracula’s castle for Hallowe’en?

Interesting piece about Edward I's War Wolf at the siege of Stirling Castle:

Through the gunloop…

Spanish watch tower and powder house discovered in Texas

Artefacts from Castillo de San Marcos

Icelander's autobiography includes view of Danish Tranquebar, India

Exploring the Dutch legacy in Matara, Shri Lanka

Volunteers give Civil War cannon some tlc in Nisky Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, PA

Living in the past

Spear throwing for beginners

Café Basiliscoe

Roasted vole

Gunpowder tacos

All washed down with 2,500 year old beer

And apple brandy to finish

Gunpowder, treason and plot

Short piece on the history of gunpowder

Goldfinches, gunpowder and Delft in art

Ten things about Diwali

Nautical news

Bronze gun stolen from Dunwich Bank wreck site:

Bronze cannons go into conservation in Spain

Third ship of the de Luna fleet found?

Funding a dive round cannons in the Farne islands

VOC ship De Haarlem found off South Africa?

VOC ship Aagtekerke found off Australia?

Ship from the battle of Trafalgar?

Museum news and exhibitions


Hope for the future of Palmyra

Confusion over the National Museum of Ireland

New museums

Basrah Museum opens

Jorvik Viking Centre to re-open next year after the Christmas floods

Conservation corner

Two terra-cotta works said to be by Donatello and Verrocchio

Restorers use Japanese algae and sturgeon glue to treat Futurist work


National Museum of Australia acquire whaling gun - picture

Fascinating story of a Civil war’ soldier’s letter

Verlaine’s revolver for sale

Nordenfelt for sale


Analysing arms and armour at the Wallace

World War One in Lewes - a fascinating story, this

And you can read about the archive here

Supernatural in the Islamic world in Oxford

Queen Victoria in Paris in Compton Verney

Lawrence of Arabia in Newark (Lincs rather than NJ)

Historic photographs at Edinburgh

Swedish hunting pictures in Paris

Winterhalter at Compiègne

15th century engraver at Munich

Luther at Minneapolis

Dutch explorers in Fremantle


Morten Ravn: Viking-Age War Fleets

Alison Kinney: Hood (Object Lessons)

Online books

Roll of the life of Edward Iv digitalized - wonderful illuminations!

ICOMAM MAGAZINES available again


Diary Dates

What’s at the Historial

19 November Dublin
The Battle of the Somme film screening with live score by Laura Rossi

24 - 25 November Oxford
Hakluyt and the Renaissance discovery of the World
Sales, fairs and auctions
24 October – 5 November Hermann Historica, Munich
Annual Autumn Auction 2016

9 November 2016 London

Chinese Imperial Matchlock Musket

Websites and downloads

ICOMAM has a new website

1066 etc: wounds & medieval Poland

Finally- Mummies for Hallowe’en

Andrew Smith: Lost in a Pyramid,

And here too get you in the mood is one of the stories

This fortnight I tweeted days and nights in Yorkshire

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – Hallowe'en 2016

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