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The Basiliscoe Mercury 259

The Basiliscoe Mercury 259

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

The most interesting news this week are the pictures of the arrow and quiver from Siberia, with the possible promise of a bow to come! In addition, an intriguing title from Vienna, Plymouth Citadel, WW1 cannons and Emma Hamilton. Plus the first of the Christmas gifts section if you are looking for that Lady Hamilton-Little Pirate-Napoleon in your life! - let me know if I have missed out any museums with online shops!

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Prehistoric axe found in Ireland

Discovery of Anglo-Saxon artefacts near Louth includes sword fragments

Vikings used their shields as weapons rather than for defence

Important find of medieval quiver and arrows (and their owner) from Siberia - stunning pictures!

Hunting round the world and through the ages

Inuit have been eating whale-meat for a very long time

Investigating an 18th century hunting lodge in Ireland (and the naughty things they did there)

Grave stories

Romans innocent in the Chester amphitheatre murder mystery

Middle-east updates

Heritage in Mosul under threat

Louvre to offer sanctuary for endangered artefacts

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Crusader on crusader action - ash layer & crossbow bolts!

Uncovering the medieval Kremlin

Cavers Castle - Scottish castle attacked by British Army up for sale

Lindisfarne Castle closed for repairs

Robert the Bruce’s seal and its fate

Through the gunloop…

History of Plymouth’s citadel - lots of pictures

And its future?

Dien Hai Citadel, Da Nang, Vietnam to undergo restoration programme

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

An ancient gun in danger…

WWI Krupp gun falls apart at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - [picture

Texans treat their Krupps gun with more consideration

Concord’s 1907 German gun welcomed back on Veterans Day

But Frinton’s gun has gone long ago…

Earth pushed down the barrel in Newfoundland

Nautical news

Diving archaeologists find the Mentor, lost carrying the Parthenon marbles

Akko tower shipwreck probably postdates Napoleon’s invasion

The search for Australia’s first submarine

Museum news and exhibitions


The Met’s Arms and Armor join the Hallowe’en fun

A visit to Castlerock

Heligan founder Sir Tim Smit buys Charlestown Shipwreck Museum

New Museums

Review on the new Mary Rose displays

Plans for the Humboldt Forum unveiled in Berlin

Conservation corner

Excavating a Viking toolbox

Remembering the Florence floods 50 years ago

Interesting feature on digitizing ancient manuscripts


Short piece on gun collecting

Chinese imperial firearm for the Qianlong Emperor sells for US$2.5 million

Portrait of the Duke of Wellington appeal

Landseer’s Monarch of the Glen to be sold


Review of the Getty’s alchemy exhibition

Breughels coming to Bath

Lady Hamilton at Greenwich - getting very positive reviews!

Maps and the 20th century: Drawing the line at the British Library in London

World War I and American Art

Japanese armour from the Stibbert in Nashville

British pastels in LA


M.C. Bishop: The Gladius. The Roman Short Sword

Stefan Krause & Andreas Zajic: Mode in Stahl; Der Kostümharnisch des Wilhelm von Rogendorf

James Taylor: Pack Up Your Troubles - How Humorous Postcards Helped to Win World War I

Laurie Calhoun: We Kill Because We Can: From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age

Ken Trotman’s latest catalogue - spoil yourself!

Online book

Antony Antony Roll now online!

Roger JC Thomas: Civil Defence - From the First World War to the Cold War

Popular culture

Armour for gamers

War and Gaming

Three interesting films with a French theme



The Innocents


Diary Dates

19 November Dublin
The Battle of the Somme film screening with live score by Laura Rossi
(also available in other venues)

Christmas shopping

12 December: London - ‘Business as Usual’: The Great War and the Ceramics Trade

What’s at the Historial


24 - 25 November Oxford
Hakluyt and the Renaissance discovery of the World

Calls for papers

16–17 November 2017 Canterbury
The Black Prince and Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury)

Sales, fairs and auctions

30 Nov 2016 London
Antique Arms and Armour

1 Dec 2016 London
Modern Sporting Guns

1 Dec 2016 London
The Daedalus Collection of Antique and Modern Firearms

7 Dec London
Arms, Armour & Militaria

Websites and downloads

Diary of Lieutenant Fethers - 1910/11

Submarines from 1916

Focus on Christmas gifts

British currency

Medieval hunting


Hand-knitted helmets

Lady Hamilton


Lewis Island chessmen

Euro currency

and a few items:




Chester Beatty Library

Danish kroner



The Met

Tibetan armour umbrella



In Armistice week, and the centenary of the death of Saki in the Somme, a reminder of what we lost

This fortnight I tweeted more effigies!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 12 November 2016

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