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The Basiliscoe Mercury 261

The Basiliscoe Mercury 261

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

As usual, only one Bazzy in December and it's the annual Christmas edition. Robert the Bruce makes a late run-in in the dead kings contest, a 17th century Dutch wreck gets a name check with Poldark, and a reminder of some of our best books. All this plus lady jousters and the Bazzy Christmas stocking. Back in 2017.

Arms and armour in the news
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Ice Age hunters in a spot of deforestation

Sexing stone age artists

Nomadic Mongolia, past and present

Hoard of early medieval horse bits found in Russia

And a horse-shoe from Cork

Short article on falconry


Grave stories

Is this the face that launched 1000 schiltrums? Robert the Bruce

Tycho Brache, truly Renaissance science’s golden boy…

Toenail reveals the truth about the Franklin expedition

Over the wall, through the gunloop

The end of Montezuma’s castle

Iconic view of Nonsuch Palace saved for the Nation


Yew trees and archery

Henry VIII and a treatise on warfare - nice pictures!

Tales of the development of the Low Gatebeck Gunpowder Works

Visit to a Greek gunpowder works at Dimitsana, Arcadia

Sad news indeed - closure of London’s Whitechapel Bell foundry

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Restoring Bahawalpur's Mughal cannon and its history

Fort Sumner’s Parrot conserved

Spanish war cannon restored

Cannon balls found in Savannah

New Zealand cannon restored

Rochester’s WI trophy – lost and found

1909 postcard of cannon from Fort Massachusetts – lovely picture!

Asian round-up

Updates on the Terracotta warriors (and friends)

And they’re coming to the UK in 2018

Early fortifications in Japan

Living in the past

Sydney schoolteacher moves to Muscat to improve her jousting

Ladies with poleaxes

Austerlitz refought (spoiler alert - same result)

Xmas menu in Café Basiliscoe (sadly, mainly alcoholic…)

Beef soup from China…

Washed down with British beer through history

Or cider…

Or punch

And an ancient kitchen to cook it all in

Into the 20th century

Japanese navy veteran recalls Pearl Harbor 75 years on

US guns at Pearl Harbor

Middle-east updates

War memorial for the UEA

France takes on war cultural role

Nautical news

France puts in claim to shipwreck linked to lost colony of Fort Caroline

17th century wreck of the Schiedam rediscovered

Interesting article about 18th century ships on rocks in South Africa:

James Matthew’s shipwreck off Perth coast, 1841, mapped using 3D modelling

Update on the Franklin ships

Nunavut artefacts to go on future Franklin exhibition

Exploring U-Boat victims off Canada

Australia’s concerns for war grave wrecks off Indonesia

Museum news and exhibitions


How should school children behave in French museums

New museums

New medieval galleries at Worcester, Massachusetts

Mathematics gallery in the Science Museum

Garda Museum opens in Dublin Castle

Conservation corner

Iron Age bloomeries found in Poland,412267,mazowieckie-more-than-70-bloomeries-from-2-thousand-years-ago-discovered-in-kanie.html

And Stuart Sutherland

Update on the Viking tool box found in Denmark

Austria's race against time to save anti-Nazi film, City Without Our Jews


16th century jack bought by V&A

Belgian revolver that nearly killed poet Rimbaud fetches 435,000 euros

Nordenfelt machine gun top seller at Bonhams

Gun adverts from Christmas past


For the 2018 diary - Charles I’s lost art collection

Medieval sculpture in Madrid

Pearl Harbor in Massachusetts


This looks like a good bet for Christmas:

Trevor Rowley: An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry

David Silverman: Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America

Some of the goodies from 2016:

Islamic Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A. V. B. Norman and Ian Eaves: Arms & Armour in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen; Volume I: European Armour

Thom Richardson: The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century

Online Book

Online Australian edition of IJNA

Virtual books at the BL

All the reports from the Ho Group on medieval gunpowder in one place

Popular culture

The Great Wall

New film on Dunkirk

And Journey’s End

The Eagle Huntress

Anna Stothard: The Museum of Cathy

Websites and downloads

1066 etc Courtly love

Finally - the Bazzy Christmas stocking

Gun adverts from Christmas past

Disney Castle’s medieval origins

Gaming for historians

Graphic novel take on a secret mission to the US and Canada in WW2

Game about trebuchets and castles

A few Magazines to leaf through - all the ICOMAM MAGAZINES online in one place

Christmas in Medieval York

This fortnight we tweeted the longest cannons we have seen - 5 metres & counting…

Merry Christmas!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 20 December 2016

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