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The Basiliscoe Mercury 262

The Basiliscoe Mercury 262

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Happy New Year! The most exciting to happen in the arms and armour world while we have been away carousing is the discovery of an ancient Chinese sword in its scabbard. But we also have assorted hunting stories, Joan of Arc, a whole wodge of cannon and underwater articles, and an article on how British regimental museums are faring. In short, more round ups since the last episode of Raw Hide.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms, battles & forts

2,300 year old sword and scabbard found in Chinese tomb - pictures & video

Long piece on the Griffin warrior tomb, Greece

Recent discoveries in ancient Cyprus

‘Ancient’ standing stones linked to 1314 battle of Bannockburn

New visitor centre planned for Kalø Castle, Jutland
Hunting round the world and through the ages

Salmon fishing in the early middle ages

Inuit hunting life revealed by retreating ice

Archaeologists document Dene caribou fences in the Northwest Territories

Through the gunloop…

Welsh castle looking for its missing room

The secret life of a landscape gardener

Part of Newark’s Civil War defences found

Tour of Fort Washington, Maryland

Musket ball from Jacobite ambush? Perhaps…

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cast-iron cannon found at Brunswick/Fort Anderson, NC - pictures & video

Interesting feature on Udaipur’s legendry cannon ‘Jagat Shobha’, c 1750

Longest cannon in the world?

Time for Westmount, Canada’s 1800 British howitzers to re-appear?

Restoring 1841 cannon at Macoupin County Courthouse

Cannons from Second Opium War renovated in Dagukou Battery, north China

The story of Charlotte’s Spanish cannon

Lyle cannon stolen from Bournemouth

Café Basiliscoe

Crusaders’ gingerbread…

…washed down with a glass of 400-year-old Japanese wine

Things that go bang….

Investigating Chilworth’s gunpowder history

Schultze Gunpowder Factory, New Forest, for sale

Princesses and Amazons

Remembering Joan of Arc, the original nasty woman

Skirt of Queen Elizabeth identified

World Heritage

Naldurg Fort in Maharashtra, S India

Remains from Siege of Osaka found

Introduction to the British East India Company

Chinese & Portuguese archives of Macao achieve global recognition

Nautical news - mainly round-ups and updates

Update on the Black Sea wrecks

Shipwrecks off Devon - round up of latest thinking and discoveries

Round up of underwater archaeology’s new techniques

Indian carpet found on Dutch ship

First finds from China’s Zhiyuan, sunk in 1894 by the Japanese navy.

Investigating USS Arizona

Museum news and exhibitions


Discussion of museums of war and peace

Fall in visitors to French museums blamed on fears of terrorism

How to visit the Met - arms and armor comes in, eventually!

US universities are investing in their museums

What’s happening to Britain’s local regimental museums

New museums

New hangars in Scotland’s aviation museum

Outstation of Palace Museum Beijing to be built in Hong Kong

More on the new Higgins gallery at Worcester

And an article on displaying of arms and armour there

New gallery planned for treasures of Westminster Abbey

Conservation corner

Round up (I know, another one) of new archaeological techniques, uses & results

Investigating 17th century Dutch paintings - fascinating read!

London church and tomb of Throckmorton re-united


Claims that samurai sword hilts have hidden Christian symbols

Marengo rides again!

Weapons of WWI


Pacifism coming to the IWM

Swedish diplomat and Boucher at the Louvre

Fetes at Versailles

Charles IV in Nuremburg

Artemisia Gentileschi in Roma

Charles III in Madrid

Samurai at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Underground art of the WWI in Ottawa


Oliver H. Creighton & Duncan W. Wright: The Anarchy: War and Status in 12th-Century Landscapes of Conflict

Hélène Delalex : Le Carrousel du Roi-Soleil

Martin Pegler: Colt Single-Action Revolvers

Doug Knight: Guns of the Regiment (guns used by the Canadian Regiment of Artillery

Gordon L. Rottman: Vietnam War US & Allied Combat Equipments

Books sales

Popular culture

Acting with horses

Guns and films


Diary Dates

National Army Museum

Wallace Collection

Websites and downloads

The Vasa Museum

Imperial war museums

1066 etc
French fencing & English kings


This fortnight I finished my monster cannons Advent calendar

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 10 January 2017

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