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The Basiliscoe Mercury 265

The Basiliscoe Mercury 265

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Several stories about prehistoric weapons, James I of Scotland is the latest monarch to be looked for, several stories from India - including the moving of Tipu Sultan’s armoury - and a few downloadable reports. Even better the days are drawing out here in the northern hemisphere and temperatures are creeping up. It's almost spring….

Ancient arms and forts

The Bronze Age moved by horse

Fascinating piece about bone harpoons from east Africa

Violence in prehistoric California

Bronze Age weapon hoard found in Angus

Roman gate found in Israeli dig
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Woolly mammoths returning, some time soon…

Ancient hunting weapons and tools found in Denmark

Grave stories

Death in Pictland

More on the Viking grave in Scotland, with photos of the weapons

Lions from Charles V of France's tomb to be sold - beautiful pieces!

This week on dead monarch watch - James I of Scotland!

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Lincoln Castle Revealed wins award

French chateau for sale

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Piece about Malik-e-Maidan, one of India’s largest cannons

Creating 3-D image of LaSalle cannon

Protecting Fort Jefferson

Living in the past

How to sword fight

Café Basiliscoe

Medieval cooking for modern times

Burnt turnips - a Siberian delicacy (interesting article!)


Feature on the Tudor shoes and leatherwork from Crossrail project

Setting up a gunpowder mill in 17th century Massachusetts

Inside Valetta’s tunnels

Civil war artefacts from Starborough Castle on display in Eden Valley.

Trebuchets take on Trump’s wall….

Into the 20th century

Fake news in WWI

WW2 bomb found in Portsmouth harbour

Legacy of landmines

World Heritage

Update on Nimrud

BM sends experts to Mosul to assess damage

Short piece on Pacific trade

400-year-old map shows Edo Castle’s purpose when built

Experts from US to help shift Tipu Sultan's Armoury

A walk round Kot Diji Fort

Nautical news

Traces of paint found on figure head of the Danish Gribshunden, lost1495

Update on the search for the Neva, lost 1813 in Alaska

WW1 shipwreck HMS Anglia sunk 1915 off Folkestone gets legal protection

Japanese warships stripped for scrap

Project set up to investigate the tanks lost before the D-Day landings

Museum news and exhibitions


RAF Museum celebrates the centenary with special book

Installing new painting in Philadelphia’s Museum of the Revolution

New museums

UK government art collection to go on public view

Museum developments

Early photographs available in digital archive

Digital exhibition of 18th century South Africa

Asian Art Museum’s new video art to commemorate 75th anniversary of Japanese incarceration during WWII

Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your own laptop

Museum musings

Invasion of Singapore still causes problems

Legacy of landmines

Banning ivory

Conservation corner

Breughel uncovered in Bath Museum store

Atlanta’s Cyclorama on the move


Beith Bronze Age Shield

High price paid for Chinese firearm

Very nice piece about a Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund sword

French flag captured by Nelson on view in Norwich

Pistol used against British in 1920s India goes on show

Adolf Hitler’s telephone sold


London archaeology in Docklands

WWI photographs in London

Women in the navy in Portsmouth

Brueghels in Bath

Caravaggio in Dublin

South Africa in Amsterdam

Bosch in Venice

Gothic boxwood in New York


Chris McNab: The FN Minimi Light Machine Gun;M249, L108A1, L110A2, and other variants

Colin J M Martin: A Cromwellian Warship wrecked off Duart Castle, Mull, Scotland, in 1653

Review of picture book on World War I tanks

Online Books

Andrei Octavian Farcas: Maces in medieval Transylvania between the thirteenth and the sixteenth centuries (Master’s Thesis, Central European University, 2016)

H. L. Hunley: Recovery Operations

Popular culture

Making armour and weapons for entertainment media in India

And armour for ladies who game

New BBC drama about the Gunpowder Plot in progress


Diary dates

Open days for firings at Crownhill Fort, Plymouth


24 June 2017 Ludlow
Memorials in the Marches: Monuments in the church of St Laurence, Ludlow

September Germany

Sales, fairs and auctions

28 March 2017 London
Two Great Scottish Collections: Property from the Forbeses of Pitsligo and the Marquesses of Lothian

Preview for Hermann-Historica

Websites and downloads

L'Echo du Dôme n°38 février-mai 2017

Richard III’s book of hours goes on line

1066 etc: Robin Hood, Teutonic Knights, cavalry Byzantine soldiers


We have begun planning the next ICOMAM MAGAZINE - let us know if you have news or articles for it!

A fortnight on Twitter

James I of Scotland gets his own twitterfeed so you can follow the search for his remains!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 27 February 2017

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