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Pennsylvania Militia Colors or Standard

I am conducting research on the Pennsylvania (PA )Militia during the War of 1812.

I am looking for an artifact or representation of the Regimental colors or standard (read flag). Any assistance would be appreciated. A description follows.

The PA assembly (1807) authorized the funding of two colors or standards for each regiment in the Militia. The authorization provided a detailed description. Specifically:
Section V of this act provides "That there shall be two colours or standards provided at the expense of the state, for every regiment, so that each battalion may have one, and they shall be uniform throughout the state, and of the following devices and dimensions, to wit: the length or height of the staff of each of the said colours shall be nine feet, with a brass spear on the top thereof, the fly of each of the said colours shall be six feet six inches in length, and four feet six inches in height on the staff, on the fly of one of said colours, to be made of a dark blue coloured silk, there shall be painted an American eagle, with expanded wings, supporting the arms of the state, or some striking part thereof, in the upper corner, next to the staff, there shall be inserted, in white letters and figures, the number of the regiment, and word 'Pennsylvania,' encircled or ornamented with thirteen white stars; the fly of the other colour shall be composed of thirteen red and white alternate stripes, with the upper corner next to the staff, coloured and appropriated as above directed, and each colour shall be ornamented with two silken tassels."

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