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Looking for information - Black Brigade

Morning Everyone,

A member of the group recommended I drop a line here. I am a reenactor of Color from North Dakota, I been hunting for any information I can on the Black Brigade and their relationship with the Roger's Rangers/Queen's Rangers.

I am trying to get a idea on what type of clothing the Black Bridage would of worn. If they had a uniform of some kind or any specific equipment wise.

Here is just some basic reference points about the unit.

Titus Cornelius, also, known as Titus, Tye, and famously as Colonel Tye

Colonel Tye's knowledge of the topography of Monmouth County and his bold leadership soon made him a well-known and feared Loyalist guerrilla commander. The British paid him and his group, consisting of blacks and whites, to destabilize the region. Orchestrated by Royal Governor William Franklin, the Loyalist son, of Patriot, Benjamin Franklin, this plan was an act of retaliation, in response to the confiscation, of Tory property, by Patriots.

By the winter of 1779, Colonel Tye served with the "Black Brigade", a group of twenty four, black Loyalists. Tye's group worked in tandem, with a white, Loyalist unit, known as the "Queen's Rangers", to defend British-occupied New York City. Navigating undetected into the towns of Monmouth County, Tye and his men seized cattle, forage, and plate, and returned the resources to the weakened British forces. The Black Brigade also helped to usher escaping slaves to their freedom inside British lines, and even assisted their transportation to Nova Scotia. They also raided rebel sympathizers in New Jersey, captured them, and brought them to the British in return for rewards. Due to their unjust treatment as slaves, the Black Brigade often aimed their raids at former masters and their friends.

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