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The Basiliscoe Mercury 275

The Basiliscoe Mercury 275

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

We celebrate the summer with a variety of stories from around the world - from assorted Stone Age weapons, the investigation of graves from Ancient Greece to the Romanovs, forts and castles. Strange things people find include toe bones, a shot gun and a bouncing bomb! We finish off with the two course lunch offered this week at Café Basiliscoe - drinks included!

Ancient arms

Investigating Stone Age tools

Recreating ancient weapons

Where did the copper in Ötzi the Iceman’s axe come from?
Grave stories

Archaeologists in 2,500-year-old Greek cold case: Cylon's army?

The search for Genghis Khan’s tomb and why they’re not finding it


Through the arrow-slit . . .

Not a Norman motte, but the “Sutton Hoo of Slough”

Trebuchet building in France

Chester castle re-opens

Excavating at Tintagel

Still not sorted out your summer hols yet? Ideas here….

Through the gunloop…

Tudor fortifications of Hull

Exploring gun emplacements in Civil War Nottingham castle

Archaeologists excavating Fort Michilimackinac and their finds

Manjarabad Fort, Mysore

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Buffalo’s memorial cannons and what happened to them - lots of photos

Feature about the Civil War napoleon cannon

Cannons in Malaya

Living in the past

Archery in Istanbul

Artillery demonstration at Antietam National Battlefield explains gore of battle

Café Basiliscoe: on this week’s menu

Turtle from Israel…

...or fish from Southampton

..washed down with a flagon of byzantine wine

...and finished off with a glass of Madeira…

Miscellany - mostly found objects this week!

Weird things you find in your garden - and how to make money from them!

Cannon ball in a Surrey yew tree

18th century bayonet (and other military finds) found near Loon Lake

Mortar shell found in Old Quebec from Battle of the Plains of Abraham

19th century shotgun found in Blackfoot River, Montana

Divers recover World War Two Highball bomb in Scottish loch

Princesses and Amazons

Update on the search for Amelia Earhart

Strong women in popular culture

World Heritage

Interesting article on looking at maps

Telangana drops guard on Hyderabad’s historic fortified wall

19th century steel making sites in Sheffield discovered

Earthquake damaged Kos sites and monuments, Archaeological Service reports

Captured bells and cannon from the Philippines

Boom in trebuchets coming to Mexico soon?

Nautical news

Dive Bermuda’s wrecks, virtually

Investigating Port Royal

18th century merchant ship found off St Augustine?

Update on the survey of HMS Erebus

Museum news and exhibitions


Funding for the Imperial War Museum

Visiting Cairo’s military museum

Taiwan Museum makes images available

Museum musings

BBC looking for museum partners

No connection to Game of Thrones left unexplored...

Conservation corner

V&A X-ray their fashion collection

Paris collections suffer in storms

New lives for old guns


Scottish history in 25 objects

What Bonnie Prince Charlie left behind at Culloden

17th century armour sold

The weapons handed in to Plymouth police...


Tudor monarchs in London

Renaissance drawings in London

War Horse goes to Bethnal Green

Black PoWs of the Napoleonic Wars in Portchester

Animals and War in Paris

John III Sobieski in Vienna


Stefan Krause, Matthias Pfaffenbichler: Turnier; 1000 Jahre Ritterspiele

Michael Jones; The Black Prince

Svetlana Alexievich: The Unwomanly Face of War

Osprey’s latest listing

Online books

Ian Peirce & Ewart Oakeshott: Swords of the Viking Age

Torsten Lenk & JF Hayward: The flintlock : its origin, development, and use

Popular culture

Why isn’t there gunpowder in Westeros?

Tooling up your Lego figures

Land of Mine gets a wider release

Dunkirk reaches our beaches

And the Dunkirk spirit in modern culture

Using mud to remember Passchendaele


Diary Dates


Jousting in the UK

Jousting in Denmark

5-6 August 2017 Ticonderoga
Seminar on 18th century artillery

September, Germany

15-17 November 2017, Canterbury
Black Prince Conference

Calls for papers

The Black Powder Ordnance: A conference on safe use
Hindlip Hall, 14 October 2017
Contact Roger Emmerson for details:

Call for Papers for the sessions on the medieval horse at the International Medieval Congress 2018 at Leeds, 2-5 July 2018

Websites and downloads

New display at Dresden

1066 etc: Chivalry & Cnut


This fortnight I tweeted Percy tombs and castles, and 18th century ironworks

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 2017

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