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The Basiliscoe Mercury 276

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Arms and armour in the news

Plenty of news about ancient arms and battles this week, from the Bronze-Age through classical times to the Vikings. The usual dollop of haunted castles and a mutilated skeleton. Interesting exhibitions on the Medway, narwhals & colonial Denmark.

Ancient arms

Bronze Age warrior found with weapon in Siberia

Rijksmuseum buys Bronze Age dirk

Excavating ancient Troy - new discoveries

Exploring England’s hillforts


Delving into the Galloway Hoard

Viking shields

Battles, towers and forts

Re-examining the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Gladiators clash on ancient tomb stone

Chariot race on Cyprus mosaic

Grave stories

Investigating three medieval mutilated skeletons in Portugal

Has the tomb of the first historian of the Americas been discovered?
In the lists

Fitness tips for knights

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Excavating Sheffield castle

If you are searching for a castle with a ghost in armour, look no further!

Medieval Irish castle and what to do with it…

Luna Site largest mid-16th century Spanish settlement in southeast US

Investigating early fort in Yellowstone Park

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cannonball found at Brooklyn Heights home dates to Revolutionary War (!)

Two Hotchkiss mountain cannons outside NY store to be restored - pictures!

City to restore Great War trophy, Brantford Canada,

Tynemouth WW2 cannon to be conserved

Café Basiliscoe

Etruscan honey….

….drizzled on 100-year–old fruit cake

Into the 20th century

Medicine in the trenches - one man’s experience

Training trenches in the UK being explored.

Build your own Mosquito

The future of rail guns


Robert Hardy

Nautical news

16th century wreck being investigated off Esposende, Portugal

Searching for HMAS Sydney and Endurance- stunning pictures

Surveying the English Channel finds a lot of stuff - bombs, mines and a shipwreck

And cannons found when dredging Portsmouth approaches

What to do with the Graf Spee’s eagle

Museum news and exhibitions


Director of the National Army Museum retires

Museums of Mysore

New museums

Postal Museum opens in London

Museum developments

Fort Ticonderoga has an App for its cannon

Museum musings

Piece about the US’s National Endowment for the Humanities

Interesting article about our need for cultural fakes

Conservation corner

Investigating medieval French sculptures

Trying to keep craft skills alive


General Hill, Waterloo veteran's medals sold

Napoleonic sword for Fort George - no picture of the sword!

Boer war 'time capsule' sold


Battle of the Medway in Chatham

Castles in British art in Southampton

Lord Nelson at Norwich

Early photographs of India in London

Grant family portraits at Grantown

Denmark’s colonial past in Copenhagen

WWI in Nuremburg

Science and philosophy in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Narwhals in Washington


Ferdinand II

Kathleen Walker-Meikle: The Horse Book: Horses of Historical Distinction

Martin Pegler: Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War; Colt, Sharps, Spencer, and Whitworth

Marc Romanych & Greg Heuer: Railway Guns of World War I


Diary Dates

Roman London


Jousting in the UK

Jousting in Denmark


September, Germany

14 October 2017 Hindlip Hall
The Black Powder Ordnance: A conference on safe use
Contact Roger Emmerson for details:

15-17 November 2017, Canterbury
Black Prince Conference

Calls for papers

Call for Papers for the sessions on the medieval horse at the International Medieval Congress 2018 at Leeds, 2-5 July 2018

Sales Fairs and auctions

Gavin Gardiner auction of Modern & Vintage Sporting Guns at Gleneagles

Websites and downloads

Iron-making sites of the lake District- our summer so far!

Wealden iron research group’s home page - lots to explore

Rüstkammer of Dresden

1066 etc: Pharmacy & Malory,


This fortnight I tweeted Bolsover Castle & a week in London

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 14 August 2017

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