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The Basiliscoe Mercury 279

The Basiliscoe Mercury 279

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There is a good sprinkling of Irish stories this week, from Viking swords to Roger Casement via gunpowder gin & the Spanish Armada. This week’s statue in the news is Kalashnikov, plus human sacrifice in Peru, Teutonic knights in Poland and a bunch of new books.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Indian arrow heads from North Carolina

Viking knife found in Cork

Grave stories

Investigating human sacrifices in Peru

Exhibition on skeletons in Leeds


Why we name our weapons

Adopt an armour, sword or even a dragon in Norwich Castle

Lost Ruben’s portrait of duke of Buckingham found on a Glasgow wall

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Two Carron guns in Prince Edward County rededicated

Cannons in Maharashtra forts to be preserved & geotagged – stunning cannon!

History of Mariners Museum’s signal cannons uncovered

Back to the front

Archaeologists find weapons and a seal at Grunewald,459853,artefacts-found-at-grunwald-teutonic-seal-and-prussian-spearheads.html

Investigating the Battle of Wood Lake, 1862
seal at Grunewald

Philippines wants its bells back

Living in the past

World jousting championship in Sydney

Café Basiliscoe

Dutch food from the Golden age on show

Irish gunpowder gin - what could possibly go wrong?

This week in statues

Russian sculptor doesn’t know the difference between a Kalashnikov and a StG44

Nautical news

HMS Colossus trail 2017

Museum news and exhibitions


Arms and armour displays at Fitzwilliam Museum inspires 12 year old boy

Call to bring back London Met’s arts squad

New museums

Russia plans a new Museum Quarter in Moscow's-huge-soviet-era-fairground

Funding for palaces and parks in Berlin and Potsdam

Horniman Museum, London, plans new displays

Museum musings

Britain’s best medical collections

Suggestion that Dutch schoolchildren must visit the Night Watch

Conservation corner

D-day landing craft to be conserved

Iron making in early Norway


New York State Museum acquires collection of 17th century colonial artefacts

Recently stolen guns in Ontario


Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites in London

Spanish paintings in London

Opera in London

Clontarf in Dublin

Roger Casement in Dublin

The Irish in WWI in Dublin,-The-Irish-soldier-in-Belgium-in-th

Japanese swords in Stockholm

Last chance to see animals & war in Paris

Soldiers’ lives in Paris

Art and power in Paris

China and Europe in Berlin

JP Morgan at the Wadsworth athenaeum

16th cent woodcuts in Washington


M C Bishop: The Pilum: The Roman Heavy Javelin

Hunting Picts: Medieval sculptures at St Vigeans, Angus. Volumes 1 & 2

The War Diaries of the Battalions who Fought the Great War on The Western Front

The Spanish Armada Wrecks, Streedagh, Co. Sligo

Sam Oakley: The Wreck of the Ten Sail: A true story of Cayman’s past

The Gunpowder People

Richard Hayman: Illuminated Manuscripts

Roger S. Wieck: The Medieval Calendar; Locating Time in the Middle Ages

Kathleen Walker-Meikle: The Horse Book: Horses of Historical Distinction

Online book

Gunfounders of Enkhuizen

Popular culture

Night in the Front Line and Other Second World War Stories


Diary Dates

Events in Canberra

Events in Ottawa

Events in the IWM


14 October 2017 Hindlip Hall
The Black Powder Ordnance: A conference on safe use
Contact Roger Emmerson for details:

15-17 November 2017, Canterbury
Black Prince Conference

Sales, fairs and auctions

Catalogue for Hermann Historica now online

30 September Olympia Arms Fair

25 Oct 2017 Edinburgh
The Sporting Sale

Websites and downloads

Berlin’s military collections

Sport at the Met

1066 etc

Mounted knights & Hobbits,


This fortnight I tweeted medieval German effigies

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 30 September 2017

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