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Battle of Stony Point

All accounts of the midnight attack on Stony Point in 1779 mention that the American troops under General Wayne struck a flag flying over the British position. Those accounts lead to the following questions:

1. What kind of flag would be flown over a British fortification? Would it have been the blue flag with crosses, the red flag with the union crosses in the upper left canton, or some other model?

2. Why would a flag would have been flown at night? Wouldn't flag etiquette have required the flag to be lowered at sunset?

3. There is a suggestion in the papers of Henry Laurens that the garrison flag may have been given to Col. Fleury, who captured it. Is that correct?

4. What happened to the flag?

5. The Americans also apparently captured the two standards of the 17th regiment of Foot, which provided the largest portion of the garrison. What happened to those standards?

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Battle of Stony Point
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