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The Basiliscoe Mercury 281

The Basiliscoe Mercury 281

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Unsurprisingly since we are so close to Hallowe’en, a large number of grave stores, and other related pieces scattered throughout. Fireworks and gunpowder feature, too. Otherwise exhibitions about spies and code-breakers, Flemish portraits and stories about Indian cannons.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Oldest flint axe in NW Europe - from Norfolk!

Iron making in Alexander the Great’s empire in Bulgaria.

Update on Thracian chariots
Grave stories

Update on Germany’s Bronze Age battlefield

Violence in the Andes

Explore Rothwell’s charnel house at your leisure…

Dealing with the dead on medieval battlefields

Memorialised on a biscuit tin

Those who enjoy this section might be interested in this book on 19th century surgery


Early for Christmas, but nice French castle for sale, at a very reasonable price…

France launch appeal to buy Francis I’s book of hours

Princesses and Amazons

Portrait of Mary Queen of Scot’s identified

Mata Hari: 100 years since her death

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Saratoga’s new cannon leaves a bad smell

Four cannons found in Visakhapatnam, India

Things that go Bang…

Fireworks in India

Fireworks in Indonesia - not so happy

Hatfield and its connection to the Gunpowder plot

Living in the past

How to bring up a baby samurai

Jousting today

Café Basiliscoe: on this week’s menu

Stone Age banquets

Viking haggis

Or Mameluke mutton

Washed down with cider

Nautical news

Update on the Esmerelda - mainly the astrolabe – with some nonsense about it being the oldest astrolabe ever…

Ottoman guns raised for Antalya Museum

UK hand Franklin’s ships over to Canada

Museum news and exhibitions


Benin bronzes to be returned to Nigeria

Trouble in the museum world of Abu Dhabi

New museums

Vienna’s World Museum re-opens's-new-look-weltmuseum-takes-on-colonialism

Museum musings

Protecting culture under fire's-cultural-protection-fund-makes-headway-in-conflict-zones

This week in statues - Theodor Roosevelt under attack's-theodore-roosevelt-monument

Conservation corner

Reconstructing Henry V’s helm

TLC for the bed of Frederick of Prussia's-bed-gets-the-royal-treatment-in-berlin


Code breaking in Cambridge

Rembrandt in Norwich

Netherlands portraits in Edinburgh

Visiting Versailles'exposition

Pourbus in Bruges

Mata Hari in Leeuwarden

Rubens in Vienna

Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen in Stockholm

Vermeer and co in Washington


Kim Hjardar & Vegard Vike: Vikings at War

Tim Jenkins & Rachael Abbiss (eds): Fortress Salopia

New books at Ken Trotman

Online book

More fireworks than you can shake a leg at: BL’s renaissance festival books to explore

Popular culture

A match made in heaven - Napoleon and Rodin

Cai Guo-Qiang and gunpowder art in Madrid

Gunpowder serial on BBC

Mail back in fashion


Diary Dates

Events at the Wallace

Events in Dublin

Events at the Historial

Events in Vienna

Events at the Met


6 November 2017 London
Visible Identities: Symbolic Codes from Personal Heraldry to Corporate Logos

15-17 November 2017, Canterbury
Black Prince Conference

Sales, fairs and auctions

30 October 2017 New York
Arts of the Samurai

31 October 2017 London, Knightsbridge
Important Instruments of Science & Technology

6-17 November Munich
Catalogue for Hermann Historica now online

Websites and downloads

Portugal’s Maritime Museum

Latest from Les Invalides: Le magazine du musée

Illustrated article about guns associated with British India

1066 etc: Renaissance warfare, Vikings in winter & medieval ghosts

Finally a ghost story for Hallowe’en

The stalls of Barchester by MR James

And a tribute to the late Robert Hardy who starred in the TV adaption

This fortnight we tweeted visits to East Anglia

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 30 October 2017

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