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The Basiliscoe Mercury 282

The Basiliscoe Mercury 282

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

An ancient helmet found under the sea, the usual round up of gruesomely killed skeletons, cannons in Thailand, the devilish courgette bomb and wrecks in Asian waters. In addition lots of conservation stories, and a selection of museums shops for Christmas.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Helmets from Punic Wars raised from seabed

2,400-year-old horse and chariot pit unearthed in China

The Art of the Fling: Trebuchets & Onangers

Temple of Mithras reopens in London

Carving of ancient Pict warrior uncovered

Battles, towers and forts

Iron Age fort needs help

Byzantine finds from Bulgarian fortress
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Importance of cows and horses

17th century ring of keeper of hawks found

Grave stories

Violent death in Mercia - skeleton in Hereford cathedral

Death by sword in medieval Denmark - a fascinating story

Investigating Jamestown’s early colonists

And a Christmas book for the folks who like this section:
Martin Smith:​Mortal Wounds: The Human Skeleton as Evidence for Conflict in the Past

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Another week, another stretch of the Great Wall of China found…

Hoard of ancient coins found in Scotney castle…

Black Prince’s stained glass?

Walrus trade in the Middle Ages

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cannon district of 18th century Istanbul

Thai Navy allowed to keep and exhibit 12 old cannons

1816 Carron gun on a Broome EICo carriage in Pakistan

Civil war battlefields looking for protection

WWI-era cannon refurbished, on display in Rochester park

Restored WWII cannon returning to Mokena on Veterans Day

Triumphant return: WWII gun redeployed to McCormick Park

Café Basiliscoe

A glass of Neolithic vintage…

To wash down the meat our crocodile chef prepared earlier…

Into the 20th century

Update on Sergeant Gray of Littlehampton

Forgotten soldiers of WWI

Bomb that was really a courgette/zucchini

Listing monuments

Nautical news

Women and the Royal Navy in objects

Search for Zheng He’s lost ship

Update on the French 16th century wreck off Cape Canaveral

A lot riding on one cannon ball: San Francisco lost off Japan, 1609?

Update on the survivors (but not for long) from the Batavia, 1629

On the trail of VOC ship Aagtekerke, lost 1726

The fate of WW2 wrecks in Asia

Museum news and exhibitions


Victoria and Albert Museum secures £15m endowment fund http://theartnewspaper.comnews/victoria-and-albert-museum-secures-pound15m-endowment-fund-with-donation-from-art-jameel

New plans for Cleveland

Naqquar Khana (Trumpet House), Vijayapura museum of archaeology

Museum developments

Get up close and personal with Van Eyck

Visit historic properties from the comfort of your own arm chair

Museum musings

Give the museums cash

How ballistics entrapped a criminal antiques firearms dealer

Conservation corner

Cleaning Vermeer

Reproduction armour displayed in Smolensk

Conserving Florentine frescos

Researching Caravaggio

Behind the scenes at the Met’s Costume Institute

Update on conservation projects at Cosford RAF museum


Lost portrait of Nelson found

Clark Art Institute buys portrait of the son of a French hero – with sword!

Lloyds patriotic fund sword


Conflict in ancient art at London

WWI in Rotherham

Vikings in Toronto

Weapons in the National Museum of Korea


Matthias Pfaffenbichler: Turnier - 1000 Jahre Ritterspiele

Ritter! Traum & Wirklichkeit - sale price!

Alan Larsen & Henry Yallop: The Cavalry Lance

Historic England: Portsmouth

Trevor Absolon: Samurai Armour; Volume I: The Japanese Cuirass

Thomas Hippler: Governing from the Skies; A Global History of Aerial Bombing

Anna Feigenbaum : Tear Gas; From the Battlefields of WWI to the Streets of Today

Ken Trotman’s latest

Basiliscoe Press

Online Books

Former RAF Upper Heyford, Cherwell, Oxfordshire: A reassessment of the flying field Conservation Area

British Journal for Military History

Popular culture

Guy Fawkes’s legacy

Designing costumes and armour for Bollywood

And for a wonder woman, too


Diary Dates

Christmas fair Denmark

Christmas market Vienna

Events in Chelsea

Events in Spain

Sales, fairs and auctions

29 November 2017 - London, Knightsbridge
Antique Arms and Armour

30 November 2017 - London, Knightsbridge
Modern Sporting Guns

6 December 2017- London
Arms, armour and militaria

Websites and downloads


Vasa Museum

1066 etc: Jousting, Dover castle fighting huns & Trial by combat

Focus on Christmas shopping


This fortnight I tweeted pictures of Kings Lynn

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 18 November 2017

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