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The Basiliscoe Mercury 283

The Basiliscoe Mercury 283

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

A new site for Caesar’s invasion of Britain, what Gorm the Old looked like, odd finds in the latest gun amnesty, forts and museums in India, and a fortress under a Turkish lake. Plus the second part of the Christmas shopping; if you’re having trouble choosing, why not adopt a wrought-iron breechloader in Norwich instead?

Ancient arms, battles, and forts

Spanish warriors depicted on vase

Thracian fortress damaged

Bulgarian fortress damaged

3000 year old fortress found under Turkish lake

Excavating Sardis

Iron Age sword among finds from Leicestershire

Pegwell Bay - where Caesar landed?

Update on Viking camp at Repton​

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Prehistoric dogs on a leash

What did the Romans do for us? Bring us camels apparently….

Whales came to a sticky end in 19th century Orkney

Yetis turn out to be bears after all

Grave stories

Gorm the Old gets the makeover treatment - spoiler - not a looker…

Massacre cave in Scotland - skeleton investigated
Through the arrow-slit . . .

Excavating a medieval fortress in Bulgaria

Couldn’t see the castle for the trees in Northern Ireland

Investigating the castle of the Golden Horde, Crimea

Southampton’s walls to receive major funding

Gunloops, cannons and things that go bang

Update on the excavations at Hull’s citadel

Goa’s fortifications in need of repair

Visiting Fort and Battle of Sitabuldee

What makes Ahmedabad special as a world heritage city

Researching two civil war cannons in Illinois

Chile’s saltpetre works on endangered list

Living in the past

Publicizing your joust the medieval way

Who’s behind the armour?

Ever wanted to dress up and fight like a Samurai? Now’s your chance

Café Basiliscoe

Iron Age stew

With extra aubergine…

Princesses and Amazons

Women in trousers

Nautical news

Building boats in Viking Skye

Update on the Batavia graves

HMS Invincible shipwreck artefacts to go on show

Piece about the Revolutionary War wreck off St. Augustine

Mapping Western Australia’s shipwrecks

Museum news and exhibitions


Investigating British military collections

New museums

New Military Gallery at Manx Museum

Revamp at the Courtauld

Museum developments

3D Pictish cave

Museum musings

Modern conflict and current archaeology

This week in statues

Conservation corner

Accelerating particles for art


Norwich museum puts up medieval weapons for adoption

Latest gun amnesty turns up some historic firearms

French engravings in 18th century India


Illustrated medieval manuscripts in Oxford

Watercolours from WWI in Leeds

Medicine in wartime in Aberdeen

Galileo in Padua

Portuguese empire in Moscow


Martin Robson: The Lancaster Bomber Pocket Manual 1941-1945

Myra D. Orth: Renaissance Manuscripts: the Sixteenth Century (A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in France), 2 vols,

Latest Ken Trotman catalogue

Online book

Publications from the Met

Popular culture

Winston Churchill in America

The days when you were educated on the back of a cornflakes packet

Gaming and renaissance art

Gaming for rajahs

The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook by Michael Brooks


Diary Dates

Christmas in Paris

Christmas in York

Christmas in Denmark

Sales, fairs and auctions

6 December 2017- London
Arms, armour and militaria

6-13 December - online
Arts of the Samurai: the Dolphyn Collection

Websites and downloads

Vasa website

Met blog on WWI

1066 etc: Irish castles, archery, sick crusaders, war in Mercia & Ankara

Focus on Christmas shopping


I shall be tweeting fantastic cannons for Christmas!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 1 December 2017

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