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Basiliscoe Mercury 284

The Basiliscoe Mercury 284

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

The annual Christmas Bazzy, chock full of goodies. Prehistoric clubs, Viking spears, Dutch cannon, knights, and a new publication from Ingolstadt. All this & the Bazzy Christmas stocking…

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

How deadly were wooden clubs (spoiler alert – quite)?

What was found in England last year?

And perhaps someone will give you a detector for Christmas

Fascinating story of a Viking spear found in the ice 40 years ago
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Fishing in Indonesia

Scientists in Siberia find mammoth remains with the spear that killed it inside

But too late to buy your own mammoth

Round the world

Cave paintings found in Indonesia

Grave stories

Reconstructing an Anglo-Saxon woman’s face

Medieval grave from Plovdiv – with an arrow…

Reconstructing a Civil War Scots soldiers face

Call for repatriation of skulls from Newfoundland

And Algeria
Through the arrow-slit . . .

Crowding together to buy a castle in the clouds

But castle in Tuscany still available

Through the gunloop…

Kings Lynn South Gate gets new custodian

Visiting Ireland’s Spike Island

Dien Hai citadel (Vietnam) to be recognised as National Special Relic

18th century defensive earthworks found in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

Princesses and Amazons

Warrior women of classical times

Two queens for the price of one

Update on the wax ladies in Westminster Abbey

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Three Dutch cannon return to Southend

Good pictures of the cannons here

Making cannon for American revolutionaries

Civil War cannon of Morrisville, VT gets a facelift (picture of cannon in the snow!)

Fort Collins cannon (and other monuments)

Hereward cannon, recovered from 1898 shipwreck off Maroubra ,returns

Asian round-up

Kalaburagi Government Museum; exhibits include cannons & weapons

Interesting article & video about Serampore, Bengal, & its Danish heritage

Living in the past

Carter House Park, Brentwood TN, receives fourth and final cannon

Civil War re-enactments began real soon

Café Basiliscoe

Butchering the prehistoric way

Mammoth steaks from Michigan

Or the oldest turkey in England…

Or just go the whole Dickensian hog…

All served on very fancy silverware

Or ancient Chinese soup bowls

And extra-large wine glasses

And don’t forget the coffee


A short history of flint

Short article about Prince Henry

Battle of Ruapekapeka, New Zealand, 1845-6 (picture of carronade)

The Maginot line

Nautical news

Update on the search for VOC ship Aagtekerke, lost 1726

Investigating slavery trade wrecks

HMAS AE1, Australia’s first submarine found

Wrecks of Japanese and US warships found off Philippines

Museum news and exhibitions


Spain’s museums get caught up in Catalonia crisis

Visitor numbers to German museums drop

Getty closes during fire scares

How Florida’s museums reacted to Hurricane

British Museum to move storage to Reading

British Museum announces 10-year partnership renewal With Mitsubishi Corporation and gets a Samurai armour of the Mori clan

A year in museums

New museums

New gallery of Chinese and South Asian culture opens in the BM

New costume gallery in the Hermitage

Conservation corner

Iron from the skies

Cleaning a medieval altarpiece

Lovely piece about conserving a Victorian fancy dress costume


Armours for Christmas

If you have a few cents to spare, France would like them

Nice portrait of Napoleon’s brother-in-law in fancy uniform for the Frick


Celebrating 100 years of Finland

500 years of Tintoretto coming up

Upcoming: Leonardo codex goes to Florence

Upcoming: 15th century masterpieces in NY

Charles II in London

Medieval English manuscripts in Oxford

Treasures from India in Edinburgh

Travelling exhibition about US internment of Japanese citizens


Matthew Ward: The Livery Collar in Late Medieval England and Wales; Politics, Identity and Affinity

Carlo Paggiarino: The Bavarian Army Museum

A parcel of medieval books for your Christmas stocking

A selection box of samurai-related books and films for Christmas

Online book

Luttrell Psalter

Old Neptunias go online

Popular culture

Iceman the movie: stone age survivor Ötzi is brought back to life

Sales Fairs and auctions

Results from Hermann Historica

Websites and downloads

1066 etc: Knighting, fencing, saga fighting and courtly love

Finally the Bazzy Christmas stocking

A few coins…

A poetic grenade

Psychedelic fun with the dragon colouring book

Nothing says Christmas like zombies!

Cuddly Tasmanian tigers

Sit back and an enjoy a movie – The Knight’s Tale of course!

Or a bit of a sing-sing- Medieval carols

Tolkien for Christmas

How to score at jousting

Something to laugh at

An alchemist’s scroll

A 16th century gilt badge of David and Goliath

And the latest ICOMAM MAGAZINE!

This fortnight I tweeted fantastic beasts on cannons

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – Christmas 2017
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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