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The Basiliscoe Mercury 287

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The Basiliscoe Mercury 287

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Strangest story of the week, the bronze-sword wielded during the Irish rebellion in 1798, now on view in Canada! Canada features strongly with what sounds like a wonderful exhibition in Montreal on the court of Napoleon and discovery of ancient hunting weapons. Beyond the maple leaves, we have Viking skeletons, new book on jousting armour by Toby Capwell and fortifications in Asia. And, finally, a warning for over eager swordsmiths.

Ancient arms

Reconstructing ancient hunting weapons and their effects

Bronze-age sword used in 1798 Irish rebellion on show in Canada…

Copper-tipped hunting weapon from Canada

Following Mammoth tracks in Oregon

Grave stories

Identifying the great Viking army in a mass burial in Repton

Scanning Scottish grave slabs

Medieval stories

Medieval chess piece found in Norway

Conserving painted glass - picture 4 is a nice medieval knight in glass

Searching for Barnet battlefield

Cooking in castles

Short illustrated feature about Uppsala Slot

Investigating Norwich Castle


Feature on alchemy

Portrait of Henry VIII discovered to date from the Tudor period

World Heritage

The rise and fall of the Dutch in Dhaka

Exploring the French fort of Pondicherry

Ancient cannon found in Aliabad

Chennampalle fort at Thuggali mandal - cannon balls found in excavation

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Update on the Alamo guns

Kansas’s missing cannon

Martinsville’s Historic Henry County Courthouse & Rodman’s cannon

Café Basiliscoe: this week’s menu

Feta cheese

To accompany the bread and beer of the Pharaohs

Into the 20th century

Women in WWI at the IWM

WWII bunker preserved under Paris station

Nautical news

More wrecks identified in the Baltic - includes a cog

Virtual tour of the Normans Bay wreck now available

Russian and Swedish wrecks off Finland's southern coast

Gun barrels returned to USS New Jersey

Museum news and exhibitions


Louvre tackles Nazi looters

Funding for American arts and culture under threat

New museums

New museum of ancient Greek technology opens in Athens

New development at the National Portrait Gallery

New development at Grand Palais, Paris

Museum developments

BL make medieval manuscripts available online

Museum musings

Ivory trade and bans


Scrimshaw souvenir of fighting the slave trade

Royal Armouries’ latest firearms purchase


Forthcoming exhibitions at the Hermitage

Leonardo da Vinci looming in the background

Chippendale in Leeds

Terracotta warriors in Liverpool

The Great War in Paris

Rubens in Frankfurt

The Evidence Room in Toronto

Court of Napoleon in Montreal

Medieval time in New York

Michel Sittow in Washington - this looks a stunner!

Women in service in WW1 in Washington


Tobias Capwell: Arms and Armour of the Medieval Joust (sadly too late for Valentine’s day!)

Edited by Margot Finn and Kate Smith: The East India Company at Home, 1757-1857

Mike Brown: Wartime Broadcasting

Online book

Queenborough Castle

Princes Channel Wreck

Popular culture

Duelling in Shakespeare’s theatres

Looks like we museum visitors are just so on trend…

Journey’s End reaches the cinema

Winchester pretty well gets the thumbs down

Websites and downloads

Hermitage website

News from Paris

1066 etc: Robert the Bruce, Beowulf, Henry V & Florence


A warning to the swordsmith- don’t try this at home!


This fortnight I have been enjoying Susan Oosthuizen’s @DrSueOosthuizen tweets on landscapes

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 15 February 2018

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