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The Basiliscoe Mercury 288

The Basiliscoe Mercury 288

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Arms and armour in the news

Prehistoric weapons, cannons from India, an interesting crop of skeleton stories and a Chinese terracotta warrior damaged by party-goer. Wonderful pictures of a Japanese cuirass found in a tomb and an exhibition on samurai in Paris. Plenty to read to take the mind off being trapped at home by snowdrifts. Or maybe it is just me….

Ancient arms

Prehistoric hand axe from Wales

Neanderthals invent cave art

Massillon Museum Ohio receive private collection of prehistoric arrowheads

Boxing gloves found near Hadrian’s Wall

Recent discoveries in Roman Chester

Cuirass found in 1,500 year tomb in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan,
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Sculptures of camels found in Arabia

All the wild horses have gone

Whale hunting in Chile - pictorial evidence

Grave stories

Prehistoric Swedish skulls on stakes in lake

CSI Pictland, 1500 year old cold case

Interesting article about murder in medieval London

Dead man’s chest? Sam the pirate found?
On the frontlines

Update on the site of 1066 battle of Fulford

Battle of Falkirk 1298

Memento of the crusaders in Jerusalem?

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Walking Southampton’s walls

Rubens castle for sale

Excavating Welshpool castle

And excavating Norwich Castle

In the lists

Medieval martial arts

Henry VIII and the Westminster tournament

Triumphs and parades

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cannon at Golconda suffers casual damage

Restoring cannons in Korigad fort, Pune, India

Cast-iron cannon found at Dabeerpura, Hyderabad

Archaeologists find 2 Georgian cannons at Fort Cornwallis, Penang

Old cannon battery found in Montevideo Bay

Café Basiliscoe

Vintage Bronze Age Sicilian wine

Princesses and Amazons

Cultural importance of the unicorn tapestries (on tour by the way)

National Museum, Sweden, acquires pictures of Queen Christina’s entry into Paris


Story of a lost bell

1850s wounds in the records of the Indian wars

Into the 20th century and beyond

5 tanks that changed the course of WWI

US Navy looking for ways to update old guns

Austrian astronauts seek inspiration in armour

Nautical news

Naval battles of the Knights of St John go digital - terrific resource

Project to collect Inuit memories of the Franklin expedition

Investigating the Clotilda

Excavations continue in Pacific on Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul

update on the looted wrecks in Indonesia

Museum news and exhibitions


Report on funding for British museums - spoiler alert - too low…

New museums

New museums across the world

Museum musings

Berlin museums and repatriation

This week on statue watch: the Hitler bell

Conservation corner

Terracotta warrior vandalized by partygoer in Philadelphia

Two Rembrandts newly restored

Protecting museums and their exhibits against earthquake damage

Conserving statues in Macao which may have been cast by the Bocarro gunfounders


George Washington’s hairs found in book

Lawrence of Arabia‘s revolver

Austrian WWI buckle found in Stirling Castle

9 exhibits from the National Army Museum’s Special Forces exhibition


Samurai in Paris

Spanish still-life in Brussels

Goya in Bilbao

Fra Angelico in Boston

Dangerous Women in Miami

Prado takes Velazquez to Japan


Mike Loades: The Crossbow

Erik Walberg & Anders Wesslén: Vapenlexikon Artilleri 1350-1880

Daimyo - Seigneurs de la guerre au Japon



ICOMAM in Slovenia

Sales, fairs and auctions

Preview for Hermann Historica

Websites and downloads

Website on Guto'r Glyn - 15th century welsh soldier & poet

1066 etc

Jacquerie, Byzantine deceits & Valhalla


This fortnight I tweeted my day out in Chester

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 28 February 2018

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