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Basiliscoe Mercury 289

The Basiliscoe Mercury 289

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Norway features in a couple of interesting stories. The usual graves, wrecks and queens are out in full force. Spring brings a number of tournament-related features, hopefully it will stop snowing soon, but a number of good books out to read if it doesn’t and is too cold to actually watch one…

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms and forts

Article on the Rudham dagger

Rock art, rock shelters and rock music!

Officer’s house found in Rome, or possibly a spy…
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Domesticating rabbits

Grave stories

Burned to death by the pharaohs?

Three bodies from Trondheim - not the latest Scandi-noir, but medieval archaeology

In the lists

Recreating the Field of the Cloth of Gold

the Eglinton tournament

Forts and battlefields

Investigating Fort Juan 1566

Threats to 16th century Spanish fort in South Carolina

Visiting Culloden

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Culzean’s cannons - don’t trust the dating in the text!

Finding Trinconamalee’s Armstrongs

Update on Fort Cornwallis cannon

Now with extra cannonballs found now!

And two more iron cannons located, this time in Aliabad

Gunnade goes on view in Wrangell Museum

Smartening up Vicksburg’s cannon

The supergun

Café Basiliscoe

Cooking up a medieval feast

Where Roger Bacon ate

Brewing Beer in Temple Newsam

Trying the sailors’ diet

Princesses and Amazons

Discussing Christine de Pizan

Recreating fireworks for a Queen

Identifying the lady in a fur

Update on the fate of Amelia Earhart

Nautical news

What you can learn from ballast - more fascinating than it sounds!

Diving in Cornwall – it’s not all pirates and Poldark!

Discussion of Admiral Zheng He’s expeditions

Searching for the Cordelière and Regent, lost 1512

Pirate wreck on the Canaries?

American Revolution-era wreck exposed by storms off southern Maine

So not the Clotilda after all…

USS Lexington: Lost WW2 aircraft carrier found after 76 years

Japanese Navy battleship Hiei found in the Solomon Islands

Museum news and exhibitions


Puerto Rican museums regroup after disasters

New charging at the Met goes into practise

London museums visitor numbers drop

Costs and profits of touring exhibitions

Museum musings

Emptying the shelves

This week in statues - remembering the memorials

And students are doing it for themselves

Conservation corner

Bayeux tapestry update

Conserving standards of the Scots Guards

Conserving iron shot from the sea

How much of conservators’ work should be visible & how much hidden?:

Medieval altarpieces from Norway and not Lubeck?

Saving Syrian antiquities


Part of wheellock pistol found in Colorado

Still life with armour for sale

Pair of Whitehaven pistols

You can own the swivel gun of Maximus Decimus Meridius


Ravilious in Compton Verney

15th century manuscripts in Dublin

Tintoretto in Paris

High society in Amsterdam

Italian renaissance at Worcester

Murillo in Washington

Rembrandt and India in LA


Bernt Rundberget: Tales of the Iron Bloomery Ironmaking in South-eastern Norway - Foundation of Statehood c. AD 700-1300

Hans Lecküchner (trans. by Jeffrey L. Forgeng) The Art of Swordsmanship
(new in paperback)

Mike Loades: The Crossbow

Julian Hale: The RAF 1918–2018

Two books on the Indonesia massacres

Online book

Edited by Margot Finn and Kate Smith: The East India Company at Home, 1757-1857

Popular culture

The Armed Man

Tower of London poppies

The Square – satire on the art and museum worlds


Jousting in Leeds

English heritage at Easter

Conferences - calls for papers

ICOMAM IN Slovenia

Sales, fairs and auctions

Hermann Historica preview

Websites and downloads

National Trust for Scotland

Shipwrecks of St Malo

1066 etc Castles, Templars, chivalry & medieval wars

Finally don’t forget we are putting the next ICOMAM Magazine together soon - send in your contributions! You can see earlier issues here

This fortnight I tweeted pictures from my visit to London

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 18 March 2018

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