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Basiliscoe Mercury 290

The Basiliscoe Mercury 290

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Several articles relating to a new exhibition of arms and armour at our Civil War Centre. Otherwise fireworks from Mexico, explosions, amazons and Swedish forts in Ghana, and the VOC in The Hague. And a small gift of Easter Eggs….

Arms and armour in the news

Battles, towers and forts

Excavating the Goths and Romans in Bulgaria

Irish graffito with knight on a horse

Grave stories

Has the tomb of warlord Cao Cao been found?

Update on mass grave at Repton

Death in Dark Age Scotland

Death of an emperor
In the lists

Jousting with Maximilian

On the frontlines

Looking for a battlefield to visit over the Easter hols?

Investigating Glencoe massacre

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Thinking about trebuchets

Investigating Edinburgh Castle’s well

Old wallpaper found in Lindisfarne Castle

Investigating Carrickfergus castle

Sweden’s slave fort in Ghana

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Conserving cannon in Bermuda

English Heritage worried about their cannon

Cleaning Pendennis Castle’s cannon

Café Basiliscoe: this week’s menu

Norwegian porridge…

…washed down with the Beer of the Pharaohs

World War II rationing


Late medieval wall paintings in Coventry to go on show - nice armour!

Feature on arms and armour at Newark

More on the Austrian WWI belt found in Stirling castle

Interesting article on London’s Mudlarks

Reading Homer to help trauma

Things that go bang…

It happened in Windham: Gunpowder: Black Gold in the 19th century

1837 Limerick explosion - interesting story

Mexico’s fireworks for Easter - entertaining read!

Princesses and Amazons

Were there amazons?

More tales of women warriors

Nautical news

Based on unconvincing cannonball, team looks for 1609 Spanish galleon

Searching for the Purísima Concepción, lost 1765, off Tierra del Fuego,

Two ships found under warehouse

Finds from Spanish galleon off Mexico on display

Short feature about the Amsterdam

Carronades from the Debraack and other underwater problems - a long read

Inuit oral historian who pointed way to Franklin shipwrecks has died

Museum news and exhibitions

News - mainly financial!

Feature on Nuremberg’s arms and armour displays

The world’s top exhibitions

Culture comes at a price?

NEA gets funding for another year

Mona Lisa is staying at home…

New museums

New museum to be opened in Devonport dockyard

Museum developments

Bringing in the young folks - DJs and better labelling!

Museum musings

Collecting today’s protest art


Fairfax’s sword

Two Gordon portraits go to Amsterdam


Chatham and the sea at Chatham

Civil war arms and armour at Newark

WWI tanks at Bovington

Grinling Gibbons in York

The World of the VOC at The Hague

Catherine the Great in St Petersburg


Pietro Monte's Collectanea: The Arms, Armour and Fighting Techniques of a Fifteenth-Century Soldier (Translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng)

Antony Francis: The Deptford royal dockyard and manor of Sayes Court, London: excavations 2000–12

Books from the Royal Armouries

Online Book

Archaeology at Bloomberg (the Mithreaum)

Popular culture

Some medieval novels for the summer


Diary Dates

Richard Wallace 200

Crownhill fort open days

Arms and Armour Society AGM - 5 April Tower of London

Sales, fairs and auctions

7 April 2018 London
London Antique Arms Fair

18 Apr 2018 London
The Marine Sale

21 April 2018 London
The Antique Arms Fair

24th April 2018 London
The Professor Charles Thomas Collection Auction

Hermann Historica catalogues online

Websites and downloads

1066 etc Military strategy, Henry VIII warriors &Teutonic Knights,

Finally: a basket of eggs for Easter

This fortnight I tweeted a visit to London’s exhibitions

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 31 March 2018

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