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The Basiliscoe Mercury 291

The Basiliscoe Mercury 291

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

A number of fascinating stories this week: an abandoned gunsmith's shop in Japan, a Lombard with a knife for an arm and a walrus buried in a graveyard. Not to mention Tutankhamun’s armour, a skull in a pub, poignant memories of WW1 & cheating Norwegians. And, best of all, a whole week without snow…

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Wooden tools of the Neanderthals found

Flint on the points in Arctic America

The armour of Tutankhamun

Battles, towers and forts

Romans in Scotland

Update on the boxing gloves
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Mystery of the walrus in the cemetery - a good read!

Hunting today

Grave stories

The FBI and the mystery of the mummy’s head

Million ducat man - with a knife for an arm

And now you can visit a medieval charnel house online

And the mystery of the skull in a pub

World Heritage

Destruction in Syria

Personal account of a visit to Zhoushan (Chusan)

Matchlock guns & firearms discovered in the old home & work shop of Inoue Sekiemon, gunsmiths in Japan

On the frontlines

Towton battlefield

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Fremont cannon back on display

Living in the past

Jousting: a personal view

Café Bar Basiliscoe

2000 year old rice wine from China

500 year old wine from Japan

Gunpowder gin from Ireland

All kept cool in a Roman fridge…


Don’t play dice with a Norwegian!

Recreating the lost frescoes of the Fondaco de Tedschi in Venice

And creating a ceiling that never existed

New findings on the Lost Colony

James II’s armour

Into the 20th century

Silk postcards from the First World War

And love letters go online

Uncovering a family history

Poppies reach Fort Nelson

Nautical news

Did the Vikings sail by crystal?

Update on the York River wrecks

Search for the Endurance

St. Louis-class light cruiser USS Helena (CL-50) found

Museum news and exhibitions


UK moves to ban all ivory sales

Discussing free entry to Berlin’s new museums

New museums

New World Gallery at the Horniman planned

New extension at the Frick

Museum musings

V&A considering returning looted art to Africa

British Museum called on to do the same

Making old masters interesting to youngsters

Conservation corner

Conserving a British flag at Ticonderoga

Foundation to sponsor conservation of BM’s Korean collections


100 years of the RAF at Wiltshire

Soldiers’ art at Compton Verney

Renaissance silver at Waddeson - looks a stunner!

Bevin’s Boys in Bishop Auckland

Napoleon as strategist in Paris

Voices from Denmark’s colonies in Copenhagen

Rubens in Madrid

Versailles visitors at the Met

And don’t forget the Japanese armour, there, too!


Dan Spencer: The Castle at War

Publications from Paris

Online Book

A 15th century alchemist’s text: Beata Wojtalik: The way of obtaining the Grand Elixir : an edition of the 'Tamyrtone' text in BL Harley 1747,18268137,32323153,31299952,1145380

Popular culture

Contemporary art installation involved samurai armours

Shipwreck inspires local artist in Southend

Tolkien novel written when convalescing after the Somme to be published

Drawing the arms dealers


St George’s day with English Heritage

Conferences - calls for papers

ICOMAM IN Slovenia

Sales, fairs and auctions

18 April 2018 London
The Marine Sale

21 April 2018 London
The Antique Arms Fair

24th April 2018 London
The Professor Charles Thomas Collection Auction

Hermann Historica catalogues online

Websites and downloads

New website for the Australian Navy and its history

1066 etc: War-torn Paris, swimming & embroidery

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This fortnight I tweeted a visit to Boroughbridge & Aldborough

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 15 April 2018

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