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NJ Officer’s Diary 6/77-8/78

Here’s another item from the inbox originated by Mr. Rees, certainly worthy of further distribution:

“I apologize for re-posting this so soon, but I've made significant additions to this transcribed New Jersey officer's diary. Those include enlarged details of Xavier della Gatta's "Battle of Germantown" owned by the Museum of the American Revolution.

John U. Rees and Bob McDonald, "`The Action was renew.d with a very warm Canonade’: A New Jersey Officer’s Diary, June 1777 to August 1778”
1. Identity of the Diary Author
2. Composition of Maj. Gen. William Alexander, Lord Stirling's Division, 1777.
3. New Jersey Field Officers.
4. New Jersey Brigade Strength returns, November and December 1777, and June 1778
5. Diary Transcription
A. “About an hour before day we dashed through the river again …”
The October 1777 Schuylkill Expedition
B. First-Person Accounts of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth
C. Additional Articles on the New Jersey Brigade
and the Campaigns in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, 1777-1778”

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