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The Basiliscoe Mercury 293

The Basiliscoe Mercury 293

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

A number of stories of armour in popular culture this week, mainly from the Met, from Joan of Arc to modern dance. Otherwise a number of updates including stunning pictures of a Spanish galleon in the deep, the cannonball that wasn’t and uses for helicopter paint.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Prehistoric use of fire and axes pushed back in time

Romans in Poland

Update on the remains of a battle with the Romans outside Dusseldorf

Ancient roman triumphal arch found in Bulgaria
Hunting round the world and through the ages

Fishing in Alaska

Grave stories

What famous people died from?

More on the Scottish survivors of Dunbar

The remains of 40 soldiers found during archaeological work in Wijtschate

Over the wall, through the gunloop

Searching for lost royal castle in Scotland

Update on the search for Fort Vancouver

The three Solent forts for sale

Back to the front

Jacobite trail in Glenfinnan

Saratoga battlefield recovers from major storm damage

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Possible old cannons cause chaos in Phuket

Suspected cannonball from River Don in Sheffield 'is an industrial weight'

Canadians rescued WWI German trophy cannon from neglected Neepawa.

Café Basiliscoe - this week’s menu

Roast rhino…

or iced sloth…

…with 220 year old beer, from Australia


Spying in the American Revolution

Do-it-yourself tattoo kit, from long, long ago

Two new Rembrandts go on show in Amsterdam - Man with a Sword

The tale of two telephone engineers stranded in the Channel Islands in WW2

Nautical news

Update on the wreck of the San José galleon – stunning pictures!

Update on HMS Victory - (the one underwater)

Update on Virginia’s colonial ships

Visiting U1277 off Portugal

Museum news and exhibitions


Poppies boost attendance at Fort Nelson

New museums

Maritime Museum of British Columbia looking for new home

Museum musings

Will British Museum return/lend Benin bronzes to Nigeria?

Hamburg is considering it

While Germany looks into cultural looting in colonial times

The lost treasure of Troy

Conservation corner

Helicopter paint helps statues

Berlin still treating war damaged art


Fitzwilliam’s horse armour gets a make-over

Henri IV’s dagger


The poppy in Edinburgh

The Irish and WWI in Dublin,-The-Irish-soldier-in-Belgium-in-th

New acquisitions in Vienna

Charles V in Spain


Publications from Brussels

Book bargains from Scotland

Online Book

Online books

Popular Culture

Games and medieval weapons

Joan of Arc as fashion icon

Met’s armours go walk-about

Pictures from the world medieval combat

Met’s Arms and Armor department collaborate on dance program



May 21–23 2018 The Cody Firearms Museum
Arsenals of History: Ethics of Firearms in Museums

Conferences - calls for papers

ICOMAM IN Slovenia

20 September 2018 Bank of Albania, Tirana
The role of money in wartime

Sales, fairs and auctions

22 May 2018 Edinburgh
Sporting sale

22 May 2018 LA
Tribal arms and armour

23 May London
Arms and armour

Websites and downloads

New website for Brussels

1066 etc, tattooed Vikings and Templars


This fortnight I tweeted a visit to Hampshire

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 13 May 2018

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