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[AmRevolution] 1780 Light Corps equipment

I am writing an article on Lafayette’s Light Division in 1780. Lafayette gave his light troops the following imported items: In August “Each officer in the Corps of Light Infantry received an elegant feather, cockade, and epaulets, a present from the Marquis de La Fayette. Each non-commissioned officer received an elegant sword, feather, two bobs [likely epaulettes, wings, or shoulder straps], and as much silver lace as would lace the front of their caps.” That September, “each officer in the Light Infantry received an elegant small sword, as a present from the Marquis de La Fayette.”

Does anyone have information on the USA belt plates that were given the NCOs? (For a picture see RWi26 – “USA inscribed beltplate brought from France by Lafayette for the non-commissioned officers of his Division,” Don Troiani, Military and Historical Image Bank (World Wide Web), )

Can someone point me to a picture of the swords given the officers or NCOs?

Does anyone know if Lafayette also imported muskets for the light corps?


John Rees

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[AmRevolution] 1780 Light Corps equipment
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