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The Basiliscoe Mercury 294

The Basiliscoe Mercury 294

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Due to recent legislation in Europe, a number of American news outlets have decided not to let those in the EU access their sites, so I am sure there are stories I can no longer read. Let’s hope they sort something out soon.
In the meantime several articles on repatriating museum objects, Hamilton’s pistols and more stunning pictures from the Columbian shipwreck

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Ancient breastplate found in Slovakia

Ten artefacts from Roman Scotland

Roman fittings from Poland

Reinvestigating Sutton Hoo

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Taming donkeys 4000 years ago

Finding a horse (and its stable) in Pompeii

Researching the history of the falcon and falconry

Grave stories

More on the massacred army in a Danish bog

Traumas dealt to skull - including sword blows - 1000 years ago in the desert

Café Basiliscoe

Recreating a 200 year old beer, inspired by a shipwreck


War - blame it on the weather

Short feature on Windsor castles’ chapel

Unravelling a 17th century painting

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Quarrels over German trophy in Saskatchewan

Orange County’s old cannon

Derry walls to roar with cannon fire in history pilot scheme

Excavating fortifications in Vietnam

Cast-iron cannon found in Vellore temple, India

Into the 20th century
Archaeology in wartime Greece

Nice piece about the Spitfire

Ten objects from the RAF Museum


David Baxter - writer on basket-hilted swords

Nautical news

17th century Dutch shipwreck investigated in Bermuda

More on the San Jose

Update on the Victory

What’s happening in Scapa Flow

Buster Crabb and Navy divers

Museum news and exhibitions


UK’s lottery funding drops

History painting of Ivan the Terrible vandalized

Museum developments

Museums get to grips with new technologies

Using drones

Museum musings - all repatriation stories

Berlin returning Alaskan artefacts

And another call for the UK to return colonial era artefacts

France responds

And this is the sort of thing they are talking about

Conservation corner

Ethics of scanning museum objects

Conserving Korean culture

Conserving a gun from the USS Maine


Missing masterpieces - including Japanese swords

Making their shot count - Burr-Hamilton pistols go on show

Portrait of Tsar Nicholas II in the uniform of the Scots Greys


The Roman dead in London

Women in WW2 in Boston


Antony Beevor: Arnhem - The Battle for the Bridges, 1944

Online Book

INA Quarterly

Popular culture

Art and the First World War

A fragment of Wagner that survived bombing

What to do with the surrendered guns…

Dior seeks inspiration at the rodeo


Diary Dates

7June - Arms and Armour Society, Tower of London
Fencing in Renaissance Italy

14-15 July Solingen
Sword festival


ICOMAM in Slovenia

20 September 2018 Bank of Albania, Tirana
The role of money in wartime

Websites and downloads

Imperial War Museums

Waffenmuseum, Suhl

1066 etc: Invasions, fighting ladies & medieval Scandinavian treasures


This fortnight I tweeted travels in the South and the Midlands - cannons and effigies

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 29 May 2018

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