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Basiliscoe Mercury 295

The Basiliscoe Mercury 295

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Still having trouble accessing US newspapers, but we do have some Canadian stories instead. A number of features on ancient arms and armour, reports from a mass grave from one of Napoleon’s battles in Austria, and an important artillery exhibition in Virginia. And the latest ICOMAM MAGAZINE is online, too.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms and forts

Feature on Bronze Age axes

Bronze Age weapons and chariots found in Indian burial pits

Corinthian helmet found in south-west Russia

Emperor Constantine's giant finger found in the Louvre

Helmets from Hadrian’s helmet

Excavations at Burghead, a Pictish fort

Whaling in the Dark Ages
Grave stories

Death at the end of the Roman Empire - involves arrow heads and burning…

Investigating Denmark’s bog bodies - spoiler - they weren’t gay…

Update on the amputated Lombard body in North Italy

Update on the Scottish soldiers found in Durham - and exhibition, too

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Caergwrle Castle, Wales, taken into government care

Plans for new visitor centre at Clifford’s Tower in York abandoned

Italian castle for sale

Café Basiliscoe – our new drinks menu

3000 year old olive oil from Sicily

Byzantine wine

Blackbeard’s gunpowder rum cocktail


Henry VIII’s diary

Update on the search for the Lost Colony

Long update on Jamestown - includes weapons

Kirkcudbight Trades hold shoot for the “Siller Gun” as prize

Investigating Fort Kaskaskia Illinois

From the front – mainly Jacobites

Investigating Glen Shiel battle site

Update on Culloden field

Mass grave from May 1809 Battle of Aspern-Essling in Austria uncovered

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Never know what you will find in Bishop's Stortford: a trench mortar?

Or in a Toronto privy…

Article on the wealth of the Fullers, gunfounders of Heathfield

Cannon-worship in India!

Bollard in Halifax, Canada, gets a new lease of life

Yellow springs Ohio - restoration of Rodman cannon on war memorial

Graffiti on Derry Walls and historic cannons causes damage of £2,000

Alamo cannon on the way back from conservation,

Cannons from Castillo de San Marcos headed to Texas for rust removal

Into the 20th century

Kill the Kaiser! (Sure to be on our screens in a mini-series soon…)

Excavations in Crete in WW2

Nautical news

Story of the Hollandia and Victoria

East Indianman President found off Loe bar

Update on HMS Invincible

Worth following on twitter because so much is coming up on an hourly basis!

Update on Le Dragon

Gun from the Bounty sold in Scotland

Feature on the divers involved in the Slaves Wrecks Project

WW1 HMS Hermes shipwreck in Dover Strait looted

Feature on the divers involved in the Slaves Wrecks Project

Museum news and exhibitions


Visit to the Mongolian Military Museum

Visiting the Mary Rose and Vasa museums

What India wants back from the UK

Ethiopian treasures in UK museums

Angola recovers six artefacts looted from museum during civil war:

New museums

New museum at Westminster Abbey

New gallery on life aboard Polaris at Gosport

Museum developments

Interesting discussion on the scientist as historian (mentions Partington)

Handling classes for students at Philadelphia

Conservation Corner

Conservation as you watch

Cleaning feathers by laser


Portrait of Sir Francis Drake

Canova’s lost George Washington

Piece about the Hamilton-Burr duelling pistols

What was looted from the White House

Sitting Bull’s flintlock


Tate Britain to host exhibition on Burne Jones over the winter

While Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life will be on show in the National Gallery

Indian artefacts in London

Tolkein in Oxford

A woman traveller’s middle eastern collection in Bath

18th century artillery in Yorktown


Pamela Porter: Warfare in Medieval Manuscripts (New edition)

Seals and Status: Power of Objects

Leonardo Da Vinci and His Circle

John Langellier: The "Trapdoor" Springfield - From the Little Bighorn to San Juan Hill

Susan Jenkins and Tony Trowles: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries, Westminster Abbey

Myles Campbell and William Derham, eds., Making Majesty: The Throne Room at Dublin Castle, A Cultural History

Piece about the Rijksmuseum’s Country series

Online Book

Virtual books in the British Library

Popular culture

Antony Beevor chooses his favourite war films - and some to avoid!


Diary Dates

14-15 July Solingen
Sword festival


ICOMAM in Slovenia

20 September 2018 Bank of Albania, Tirana
The role of money in wartime

Sales Fairs and auctions

Preview: Morphy Auctions

19 Jun 2018 San Francisco
Antique Arms & Armour and Modern Sporting Guns

27 June 2018 London
Arms & Armour and Militaria

Websites and downloads

Latest ICOMAM Magazine out - Japanese armour, Danish cannon, Dutch history, Middle East museums and much, much more!


This fortnight I enjoyed keeping up with the Invincible!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 15 June 2018

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