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The Basiliscoe Mercury 296

The Basiliscoe Mercury 296

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Neanderthal spears, Dutch shipwrecks on land, Maya fortresses underwater, a stolen claymore and museums in Slovenia. The Rijksmuseum have plans to keep their summer visitors inside, while Beyoncé dances in the Louvre. All this and the weapons of Game of Thrones

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Spear hunting with Neanderthals

Focus on Otzi’s tools

Bronze hand may be legacy of Roman invasion of Scotland
Over the wall, through the gunloop

New discoveries at Tintagel castle

Intriguing story - underwater archaeologists explore the last bastion of Maya independence in Guatemala,29894,underwater-archaeologists-will-explore-last-bastion-maya-independence-guatemala

Repairing the walls of Famagusta

Muttrah fort in Oman opens for visitors

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Car crashes into historic cannon in Girard

Update on the Fremont cannon


Shooting medieval guns

Miss Ellen Tanner, her travels and collecting

Shuttleworth Collection - biplane from WWI – interesting read indeed!

Café Basiliscoe

More on the Greek bronze age beer

Swedish beer - older than the Vikings - official

We take chocolate as payment…

Nautical news

Wrecks under threat

Update on the Newport ship

Update on the Chesil beach site

Update on Oregon’s Beeswax wreck

Update from HMS Invincible

Archaeologists excavating 18th-century merchant ship in Noordoostpolder

Update on the looters at HMS Hermes

Researching World War II naval battle site off the coast of Okinawa

Museum news and exhibitions


Claymore stolen from museum on the isle of Canna

If anyone is in Russia for the World Cup, enjoy the local museums cheaply

New museums

RAF Museum London re-opens

New gallery on world culture at the Horniman

Museum of the family of Emperor Nicholas II

Museum developments

Rijksmuseum develop an escape game for the summer

Museum musings

British museum accepts gift of Chinese ivories

Conservation corner

A fascinating – and worrying - read!

How not to conserve a 16th century St George

Moving art collections out of Buckingham palace for refurbishment


Request for help - edged weapon found in Sweden - anyone?

Cromwell’s funeral banner?

Napoleon’s hat for sale…

The Napoleonic Eagle standard captured at the Battle of Martinique


Sir Richard Wallace in London

WWI & its artistic legacy in London

Tattoos in Portsmouth

Great Exhibition of the North in Newcastle

Scots abroad in Edinburgh

17th century Dutch design in Amsterdam

Lorenzo Lotto in Madrid

Islamic art in Florence

The American Revolution in Washington


Latest titles from Osprey

Online books & articles

Alessandro Senese: The True Handling of the Sword

Steven A Walton: "My works will be the best in America": Peter Townsend's Cannon Foundry, 1815-25

Popular culture

Mucha’s Slav epic painting goes on show in Prague

A novel for young people sparks hunt for a missing masterpiece

Beyoncé goes to the Louvre

Museum souvenirs go mainstream

Designing the weapons on Games of Thrones


Diary Dates

What’s happening in France’s Maritime Museums

What’s happening in Vienna

What’s happening at the Middelaldercentret

5 July Tower of London: Arms and armour society

14-15 July Solingen
Sword festival


ICOMAM in Slovenia

20 September 2018 Bank of Albania, Tirana
The role of money in wartime

Naval Dockyards Society 2019
Deep pockets needed for what sounds like a fascinating visit to Antigua
Not yet online but keep an eye on the website for more info: or contact

Websites and downloads

The Historial

Latest from Les Invalides

Photographic record of the ammunition collection at Firepower!

Focus on Slovenia


This fortnight I enjoyed C B Newham FSA’s church visits: @cbnewham

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 30 June 2018

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