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Seems you can’t visit a lake and not pull out a sword these days, we have two of them… In addition, crop marks reveal a castle in Wales, reporting the US Civil War, France awarded a 16th century shipwreck off Florida and armour in Canada.

Arms and armour in the news
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Otzi’s last meal - ibex stew

The Romans and whaling - Mobius Dickus?

Mongolian dentistry for horses

When brown bears roamed England – and when they stopped

Grave stories

Update on the Roman sarcophagus from Southwark
(and reminder of the Roman dead exhibition in Docklands)

Attempts to DNA test bones from the Tower

Ancient arms

Sword in a lake1: Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake

Sword in the Lake2: Irish Lough - I’m thinking modern repro…

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Article about Hesdin and its gardens

How the Teutonic Knights passed the time on crusades

Latest from Auckland castle dig

Crop marks uncover medieval castles in Wales

History of Örebro Castle

Through the gunloop…

Visiting Malta’s batteries

Archaeologists uncover 18th century barracks block at Elizabeth Castle, Jersey

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Henry VIII’s gift to the Knights of St John

Stolen iron cannon from Indian fort found

The story of the carronade from Clinton, Connecticut

Focus on Civil War artillery

WWI 18P howitzer for Canadian collection

Japan and a tradition of fireworks

Living in the past

Building Archimedes’ steam cannon

Glamping in Warwick castle


Wooden clock jack knight found in Lincoln cathedral

Exploring Britain’s Cold War in objects

Latest UNESCO sites

From the front

Background to the Smithsonian’s exhibition on the American Revolution

How the Civil war was reported at the time

Nautical news

Protecting Albania’s underwater heritage

Florida wreck identified as Jean Ribault’s la Trinite, lost 1565 & awarded to France

17th cent century wreck in Bermuda close to being identified

New research on Beeswax wreck & its passengers

Latest from Queen Anne’s Revenge

Gun Rocks trail goes live

Museum news and exhibitions


German government buy a statue of Mars for Dresden

Arrow poison stolen from Dutch museum

Perhaps they should look in Amsterdam’s canals: stuff they have thrown in

Met’s visitor figures up

New museums

Tamil Nadu’s Police Museum

New permanent displays at the Imperial Carriage Museum, Vienna

Museum musings

Ethiopia want a church artefact looted in 1868 back

Do museum prizes help funding?

And what wins them?

Conservation corner

Conservators discuss future programme for Bayeux tapestry

And, if football is not coming home after all, the Bayeux tapestry is…

Recovering 19th century photographs


Portrait of Italian knight of Malta for sale

Revolutionary war medal on show at Ticonderoga

Nelson’s watch for sale

Bonaparte miniature portraits for sale

Investigating a canteen from WWI


Rembrandt in Edinburgh

Pastels at the Louvre

Armour in Ottawa

Monsters in New York

Casanova’s Europe in Boston


Kelly DeVries & Niccolò Capponi: Campaldino 1289-The battle that made Dante

Chris McNab: The FN MAG Machine Gun; M240, L7, and other variants

Priya Satia: Empire of Guns

What Napoleon read on campaign?

Publications from the Stibbert

Popular Culture

Lost castles rise in Liverpool in cardboard

Manga meets historic guns


Diary Dates

What happening at the Imperial War Museum and its outstations

What’s happening at the Middelaldercentret


ICOMAM in Slovenia

20 September 2018 Bank of Albania, Tirana
The role of money in wartime

Sales, fairs and auctions

Highlights from the autumn sale

Websites and downloads

Wallace collection has new web site

Research at the Imperial Armoury, Vienna


This fortnight I tweeted assorted medieval knights

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 15 July 2018

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