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The Basiliscoe Mercury 299

The Basiliscoe Mercury 299

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Summer has delayed this Bazzy, but it is a bumper edition! Whole fortresses in lakes, Roman camps, cannons and shipwrecks. In addition, lots of items of popular culture, the Bazzy equivalent of the beach book. And a number of nautical items for those enjoying their beach holiday….

Ancient arms and forts

This week’s weapon in the lake: an axe

Or a whole fortress in a Bulgarian lake

Interesting article about the Hallstatt salt mines and their use through time

Investigating Roman legion base in Anatolia

Update on the Roman fort at Binchester

Impressive Roman period tower found in Turkey

Investigating Byzantine fortress in Bulgaria
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Fishing in ancient Korea - older than we thought

Bison hunting and prairie fires

Roman “horseshoes” found in Vindolanda

Chariots and weapons found in recent Indian survey

Importance of walrus ivory to the Norse Greenland settlements

Interesting illustrated article about punt guns in Yorkshire

Grave stories

Update on the late-5th century massacre at Sandby borg

Feature on Peru’s trophy skulls

Through the arrow-slit . . .

The latest enemy to attack castles: weeds

Castles in the UK to visit - though the choice from Scotland is abysmal…

Heatwave shows up the secrets of Ashby Castle

14th century blacksmith shop found in medieval Bulgarian castle

Sheffield castle - the search is on!

Saving Fairburn Tower

Investigating a 17th century attack on Scottish castle

Trying to protect the walls of Kano, Nigeria

Investigating Fort Edward and the Seven Years War

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Interesting feature on the Lyle gun

Cannons at the Tamil Nadu Police Museum

Alamo cannon return, with a salute…

Sprucing up Colorado State University’s WWI trophy cannon

German trophy stolen from Canadian war memorial

Living in the past

Heatwaves and armour wearing

Serving medieval York

Café Basiliscoe: this week’s specials

Medieval omelette…

…with cheese of the pharaohs...

…and prehistoric bread


Heatwave reveals the road of the Templars

Fascinating depiction of a sword in 15th cent Flemish painting

Investigating Yorkshire’s ironworks

Short illustrated piece on Chinese military historic sites

Killing fields

No point looking for a horse at Bosworth soon

1683 & the Battle of Vienna - still relevant today?

Culloden at risk from trees

Into the 20th century

Metal detecting in Germany can be against the law

Marking Amiens

What to do with that old Anderson shelter in the garden

One family and the Falkands

Nautical news

Update on the search for two 16th century ships, the Cordelière and the Regent

Looking for Cortes’s wrecks

Researching the earliest ships on the slave trade in the 16th century

Cast-iron cannon lifted from Florida wreck

Update on the search for HMS Endeavour at Rhode Island

What happened to HMS Culloden’s cannons?

Update on the Hunley

1863 Lt Haines, Royal Artillery, goes round Lake Ontario

Probing the mystery of HMAS Sydney

More WW2 ships in Asia have been looted and partly destroyed

Museum news and exhibitions


Six best museums in regions of Azerbaijan

Prize for the Mary Rose Museum

Swedish crown is stolen

Italy scraps free entry to cultural sites on Sundays

New museums

Museum of Antiquities re-opens in Idlib

New wing at the Prado opens

Museum developments

Digitalizing medieval manuscripts

Museum musings

Baroque paintings and US museums

Remembering the Wall

And still pulling down statues

Conservation corner

Dating Henry VIII’s portrait


Medal depicting Peterloo Massacre to go on display - pictures

Confederate time capsule found

Italian government revoked license for Gerard portrait


Rembrandt school drawings in Berlin

Japanese arms and armour and prints in Bologna

Cartoons in Washington

WWI posters in Athens, Georgia


Pamela Hartshorne: The Royal Mews Buckingham Palace

Feature on Iran’s Book of the Kings

Selection of recent mediaeval books

Online Book

Two underwater surveys

Popular culture

Remembering the armistice in Scottish gardens

Recreating Spain’s lost Antarctic adventure

Street fashion - carry your own riot shield…

Lost bits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail found

Recreating World War I lives

How not to make a sword like in the movies

Build your own Kenilworth Castle on Minecraft

Why we never saw Gladiator 2


Diary Dates

Last few weeks to tour Greenwich Naval chapel ceiling

27 October Royal Armouries Leeds
Remembering John Waller


ICOMAM in Slovenia

Calls for papers

Call for papers for session papers on medieval equestrian history at IMC Leeds 2019

Material Culture of War

Sales Fairs and auctions

Highlights from Hermann Historica’s autumn sale

Sale of shotguns

Websites and downloads

If still in holiday mode, the illustrations of Sir John de Mandeville’s travels

To the Sound of the Guns: Civil War Artillery, Battlefields & Historical Markers

1066 etc: Scottish wars, war & the state, gaining a throne, & Parisian violence


This fortnight I tweeted a visit to Hardwick Hall & its glorious plasterwork

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 27 August 2018

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