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The Basiliscoe Mercury 300

The Basiliscoe Mercury 300

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The sharp-eyed among you will see this is the 300th Basiliscoe and you will find something to remember this by at the end. Main story is the destruction of National Museum of Brazil and much of its collections, more cheerfully cannons on the move in the UK, stories about women warriors and the V&A’s digital Leonardo.

Ancient arms and forts

Bone arrowhead from the Yukon

Recording the siege of Lachish

Investigating Roman legionary bases in Bulgaria

Latest thinking on the rise of Viking fortresses

Grave stories

DNA of early medieval Germanic warriors revealed

Battlefields and castles

Update on the new Battle of Bosworth

What was found under Culzean Castle

Passing the time in medieval Russian castles - nine men’s morris

Through the gunloop…

Francis Drake in Virginia

Early 17th century Native American fort in Connecticut discovered

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cannon from the older HMS Victory goes on display in Portsmouth

Hartlepool’s historic gun battery faces a new battle & needs help

Cannon dug up in Bangkok

And what happened to it

WW2 shell washes up in Icelandic fjord

A brief history of fireworks

Living in the past

Re-enacting in Serbia

Recreating Norse artefacts

Café Basiliscoe: today’s special

Neolithic cheese

Excavating Holyrood Palace

Treasure trove of lost letters! This is an exciting project

Princesses and Amazons

Short feature on Boudicca

Norse shield maidens

Review of Empress by Ruby Lal

Benin’s women warriors

Looking for the forgotten nurses of WWI

Into the 20th century

Battle of Britain collections in the UK

Nautical news

Øsknes: rethinking Viking boat burials

Saving the Mary Rose

Vasa cannon found?

More on the Beeswax wreck

Feature about HMS Endeavour, colonial history and natural history

Tin cans not to blame for the demise of the Franklin expedition - phew

Update on Canada’s plans for the Franklin ships

Whaling shipwreck found in the Canadian artic

WW2 USS Abner Read found off Alaska

Museum news and exhibitions


Destruction of the National Museum of Brazil

Perhaps visitor figures should be treated with a pinch of salt…

Museum developments

Da Vinci goes digital at the V&A

Museum musings

Short article on the WA Naval Historical Display Australia

Statue–toppling reaches Canada

Conservation corner

Spain does it again


Basket hilted sword used at Stirling Bridge (perhaps!) sold


HMS London in Southend

Magic in Oxford

1918 in Paris

Tintoretto in Venice

Books of Hours in Montreal

Renaissance court at the Getty

WW2 women at International Museum of World War II


Neil Grant: The Luger

Edited James Davey: Tudor and Stuart Seafarers; The Emergence of a Maritime Nation, 1485-1707

Nigel Rigby, Pieter van der Merwe, Glyn Williams: Pacific Exploration;
Voyages of Discovery from Captain Cook's Endeavour to the Beagle

RAF 100 - The Official Story

Online books

Star Carr and its landscape and natural history

Article on ceramic grenades from Ingolstadt

Popular culture

Making art from war-damaged artefacts

Japanese artist in Paris’s Musée de la Chasse

The Thousand musketeers

Trebuchets get a starring role in new film on Robert the Bruce



ICOMAM in Slovenia

Calls for papers

Call for papers for session papers on medieval equestrian history at IMC Leeds 2019

Material Culture of War

Sales, fairs and auctions

13 October London
London Antique Arms fair

Highlights from Hermann Historica’s autumn sale

Websites and downloads

Celebrating the Three Hundred

The Persian wars and the Three hundredΘουκυδίδης%22+OR+%22Thoukudídēs%22%29

Aeschylus and the Persians

300 Graphic novel

1066 etc
The Hippodrome,


This fortnight I tweeted pictures from recent jaunts

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 10 September 2018

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