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The Basiliscoe Mercury 301

The Basiliscoe Mercury 301

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Most interesting thing this week are the helmets found by a mushroom picker! Surprising number of stories related to hunting round the world - from Austria to New Zealand. Otherwise new galleries at Greenwich, the home of the Kaiser saved and the net closes in on HMS Endeavour (possibly).

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Two Bronze Age helmets found picking mushrooms in Slovakia

Gladiator relief found in Bulgaria

Investigating Iron Age defences in Turkey
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Ice age wolf cub and caribou calf found in Yukon

Woolly mammoth killing fields found in Austria

Hunting moas

Mayans kept pumas in cages

Grave stories

Finding King Arthur

1354 Lithuanian invasion victim found in Poland

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Excavating Pembroke castle may have revealed birthplace of Henry VII

Recreating Sheffield Castle

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Cannons on Indian forts still at risk

Update on the cannons from Thalassery.......

Back to the front

Volcanoes and Waterloo

Living in the past

Modern problems in past times

Recreating Henry VIII’s pavilions

Bringing Falkland Palace to life

Café Basiliscoe


Babylonian beer

Posca - for the roman soldier in a hurry

Into the 20th century

WWI training trench found in Ireland

Nautical news

Painting of the Spanish Armada up for export

16th century wreck found near Lisbon

Archaeologists hope they are closing in on Cook’s Endeavour

Napoleon’s barge on the move from Paris to Brest

Iron cannon found off Kinsale - hard to tell from the picture

Museum news and exhibitions


Dutch royal family save Kaiser’s last home

Update on Brazil: Fire precautions to be improved

New museums

V&A in Dundee

New galleries opened at Greenwich

Museum musings

UK ivory ban beginning to hit problems

Conservation corner

Restoring Dulle Griet - the painting not the cannon!

The delights of conservative miniature portraits

Objects and collectors

How to make a living out of collecting Napoleonia

Portrait of the young Charles II in armour for sale

WWI panorama and memorial found in Museum store


HMS London at Southend

New archaeological discoveries from Germany in Berlin

Callot in Mannheim

Cannons and other finds from the Mercedes go on show

47 Ronin in New York


Neil Grant: The Luger

Online Book

The Geometry of War 1550-1750

Popular culture

Soldiers’ art in WWI

Lovely article about Magic lanterns!

Duelling in real life and on the screen



ICOMAM in Slovenia

Calls for papers

Call for papers for session papers on medieval equestrian history at IMC Leeds 2019

Material Culture of War

Sales, fairs and auctions

13 October London
London Antique Arms fair

Highlights from Hermann Historica’s autumn sale

Websites and downloads
1066 etc

Archers, Brunanburh & video games


This fortnight I tweeted pictures from a recent trip to Worcestershire

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 24 September 2018

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