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The Basiliscoe Mercury 302

The Basiliscoe Mercury 302

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Sadly Margaret Vining of the Smithsonian died in the last month but she leaves a wonderful legacy. Otherwise another sword from a lake - this time in Sweden - Portuguese cannons, Welsh castles and the Eighty Years War.

Arms and armour in the news


Margaret Vining

Ancient arms

90,000 year old stone knife out of Africa

Horse and chariot found in Iron Age Yorkshire site

Roman legionaries graves found in Bulgaria?

This week swords in a lake - Swedish, pre-Viking

Roman legionaries graves found in Bulgaria?

Grave stories

Grisly remains of the victims of Civil War 2000 years ago found in Israel

3D copy of the Man of Janisławice - oldest skeleton found in Poland

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Investigating Offa’s Dyke and Chirk Castle

Update on excavations at Sheffield Castle

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Genoese cannon in Spain

Piece on a 17th century Macao-Portuguese cannon in Oman

British cast-iron cannon found in fort in Lahore

Back to the front

Update on Bosworth planning decision

80 years’ war from the Spanish point of view?

News from Culloden

Exploring the lives of Fort Douglas’s 19th century soldiers

Living in the past

Medieval re-enactor killed in accident in Kentucky

Princesses and Amazons

Woman warriors of the ancient world

Nautical news

16th century Portuguese wreck found near Lisbon

The truth about Edward Barlow - EICo sailor

More bits of HMS Severn found off New Jersey, lost 1804

Update on this season’s work on HMS Erebus

Diving Cornwall’s U-boats

Museum news and exhibitions


Store of Deutches Museum in Ingolstadt destroyed by fire

Updates from Rio fire

New museums

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, re-opens

Gallery of Japanese Culture re-opens in the British Museum

V&A Photography centre

Museum musings

British museum defends its collections against accusations of looting

What to do with the Berghof?

Conservation corner

Conserving Breughel

Conserving a Japanese armour


Bellini and Mantegna in London

Oceanic art in London

The Tsars in London

Roger Fenton’s Crimea War photographs in London

Unicorns in Paris

Louis Phillipe in Versailles

80 Years’ War in Amsterdam

Brueghel in Vienna - a stunner!

History of embroidery at Winterhur

Royal British portraits at Houston


New publication from Ingolstadt;art599,3941229

Books from the Rjiksmuseum

Online book

Selection of arms and armour articles available till December

Popular Culture

Searching for the original Wolf Hall

Cai Guo-Qiang in Florence

Peter Jackson brings colour and sound to the First World War

Rachel Whiteread’s 1918 memorial

Celebration of Where Eagles Dare


Sales Fairs and auctions

Lion of Punjab treasure leads Bonham’s Islamic and Indian Art sale in London

17 Oct 2018 London
The Marine Sale

23 Oct 2018 London
Islamic and Indian Art including Sikh Treasures and Arts of the Punjab

24 Oct 2018 Edinburgh
The Sporting Sale

Catalogues for Hermann Historica autumn sale out

Websites and downloads
1066 etc

New website for Veste Coburg

Wallace Collection

News from Paris- latest edition

1066 etc: London guilds, Gawain, fighting clerics and Norwegian kings


This fortnight I’ll be tweeting pictures from Slovenia

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 14 October 2018

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