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The Basiliscoe Mercury305

TheInternet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Lots of interesting stories with assorted helmets, more details on the 15thcentury Danish ship, forts and cannon in India, discussions on museum repatriations and of course, our museum Christmas presents suggestions.

Ancient arms & forts

Swiss Army Knife of the StoneAge

Iron Age chariot (and burial) found in south Wales

Roman fort found in Romania

Golden helmet from Staffordshire Hoard recreated

This week’s Viking sword- found in Turkish excavation…

Roman fort found in Romania

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Drones to save the Great Wall of China…

Archaeological research in Fiľakovo Castle, Slovakia

New discoveries at Montfort castle, crusaders

Through the gunloop…

French spy's map could help archaeologists find Halifax's early defences

Update on the condition of Tipu’s armouries- getting worse

Fascinating piece about Denmark’s Christiansborg Castle in Ghana

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Bacon cannon in Srirangapatna (I’d blame the EICo rather than the slave trade, though)

Restoring bronze Civil War historic cannon in Manistee Michigan

Back to the front

16th century battlefield found in Coronado

Excavating at Princeton Battlefield

Facial recognition for the Civil War

Café Basiliscoe

Chesapeake oysters..

With a choice of cannon-inspired beers…

And something to read while you nibble


Interactive medieval murder map- fun for all the family…

Princesses and Amazons

Fighting women of the middle ages

Anne Bonny, she-pirate

Into the 20th century

Fascinating story of a lost WW2 plane in Opijnen in the Netherlands

And a spitfire in Norway...a fascinating read

Nautical news

Update on the Mars

Search for the Angel Gabriel, lost off Maine in 1635

Update on the Schiedam, lost off Cornwall in 1684

Another claim that the President, lost 1684 enroute from India, has been found (again) off Cornwall

Latest finds from the Whydah

The Ivanhoe Civil War blockade runner uncovered in Fort Morgan surf

Museum news and exhibitions


New career as Curator at the Wallace?

Macron wants to return objects to Africa

AndSenegal wants all its works back

Curators strike back…

Museum developments

A closer look at Breughel

Time to think more closely aboutthose labels


Henry Moore & helmets coming to the Wallace Collection in the spring!

Monarch of the Glen in London

Charles II in Edinburgh

Valois tapestries go on tour in the US

Captain Cook exhibitions in Australia


Michael S Fulton, Artillery in the age of the Crusades: Siege warfare and the development of trebuchet technology

Matthew Moss: The Sterling Submachine Gun

Researching an old family library

Kent Trotman’s latest catalogue

Online Book

Lots of open access books- mainlyarchaeological


Advent market in Vienna - but hurry!

What’s happening on the Vasa


23 February 2019 Hindlip Hall

OrdCon conference

10 May 2019 Leeds

The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Sales, fairs and auctions

5th December 2018 London

Antique Arms, Armour & Militaria Sale

Websites and downloads

Fascinating website about Denmark’s Gribshunden, lost off Sweden in 1495.

The website is here:

There is a summary in English here:

And a report here:ämning_Länsstyrelsen.pdf?1455184054

(again with English summary)

1066 etc: Crusades.fighting ladies & Oxford murders


The Christmas present special!

Gunpowder- the latest ingredient in perfume

Cuddly elephant in armour

Samurai duck


Nightwatch in playmobile

Armour-inspired jewellery


Museum shop Websites

Over December I shall be tweeting nice cannons for Advent!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 30 November 2018 – St Andrew’s Day

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