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The Basiliscoe Mercury 306

The Basiliscoe Mercury 306

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

The final Bazzy for 2018, complete with the usual Christmas stocking of delights. Back next year, hope you all have trouble-free and enjoyable holidays!

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Still looking for that elusive gift? Mammoth headband perhaps?

Latest ancient finds from Oxfordshire

Update on the chariot burials of Yorkshire

Recreating London’s Mithreaum

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Gladiator and animal holding pens found in Spanish amphitheatre

Medieval horse breeding in Ireland

Grave stories

Vampire killing in Pocklington

Definitely died with his boots on…

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Mirabel castle in Israel re-opens

Crusader cache of gold coins found

Investigating an Islamic period arsenal in Spain

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Piles of shot recovered during Stockholm building works

Castles of Oman (complete with a cannon or two)

Princesses and Amazons

Elisabeth Buggesdatter’s 14th century seal found in Jutland

In the footsteps (or hoof prints) of Mary Queen of Scots

Get the Elizabeth I look, in time for the Christmas Party


Hawking rings and sword hilt from Norfolk

Sword collecting can lead to your own tv programme

Preserving Delaware’s only battlefield

In time for Christmas visits - war and in-laws - not so far apart after all….

Prisoners of war in Scotland

Café Basiliscoe - special Christmas menu!

Some recipes for a medieval Christmas

With choice of beverages: Mead,

Medieval whisky or ale,

Tasmanian beer

Nautical news

Round up of wrecks round Plymouth

Aberdonian discovered America - nearly…

Grenade from the Schiedam washed up on Cornish beach

Update from Colombia: there is no update…

Short feature on conservation of objects of HMS Invincible

Update on the search of the Bonhomme Richard

An Australian maritime mystery

Has the mystery of USS San Diego been solved?

Museum news and exhibitions


Ivory ban progresses in the UK

RAF Museum gets an early Christmas present

The year in museums

New museums

Belgium Africa Museum re-opens

Latest addition to Museum Island, Berlin

Museum developments

Digital show in Pisa on renaissance artists

Museum musings

LGBTQ tours at Cambridge Museums

Germany and colonialism

Toppling the confederacy - still rumbling on

Conservation corner

Workshop moves onto Berlin’s Museum Island

Dating a Welsh manor house by its timbers

Fascinating piece on investigating hidden wall paintings

Restoring a Caravaggio


J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum to auction off exhibits

Armour as an investment


Alchemists in Edinburgh

Caravaggio in Utrecht

Bosch’s era at Den Bosch

Van Dyck in Turin

Jewellery or armour in NY

Armour exhibition moves onto the Bowers


Natasha Bennet: Chinese Arms and Armour

Steven J. Zaloga: Superguns 1854–1991; Extreme artillery from the Paris Gun and the V-3 to Iraq's Project Babylon

The Dunimarle Collection at Duff House

Silvia Davoli: Lost Treasures of Strawberry Hill; Masterpieces from Horace Walpole's Collection

Latest issue of the Metropolitan Museum Journal now available

Online Book

Report on excavations on the Mote of Urr

Popular culture

Wargaming for Romans

Battle of the Queens at the cinema this winter



23 February 2019 Hindlip Hall
OrdCon conference

10 May 2019 Leeds
The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Sales, fairs and auctions

How Hermann Historica sales went

Websites and downloads

1066 Barons war & crusades

Finally - The Bazzy Christmas stocking

A Crusader fantasy

Puppets from Syria

Make your own medieval manuscripts

Dress up your own Frida Kahlo doll

Some Christmas games

Have yourself a merry Viking Christmas

Peruse the original A Christmas Carol manuscript

Or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Let’s go on a sleigh ride

A song for a war-torn Christmas

How to have a stress-free medieval Christmas!

This fortnight I have been tweeting some very grand cannons indeed!

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 20 December 2018

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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