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The Basiliscoe Mercury 307

The Basiliscoe Mercury 307

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Happy New Year! Only the first week of 2019 and we already have the first sword discovery. A tip-top newsletter stuffed with fascinating items from around the world, - horses in Ancient Rome, Enfield rifles from Canada, trebuchet stones from Scotland and a Napoleonic solder in Kalingrad.

Ancient arms & forts

It was a mace head all the time…

This week’s sword - from Benalí Castle in Spain

6th century BC Persian camp identified in Israel?

Beasts of assorted varieties…

War elephants of the Pharaohs

Grizzly story of the discovery of an officer’s stables in Pompeii, complete with horses

DNA and Icelandic ponies

Medieval fishing baskets found in Monmouthshire

Grave stories

Murder in the Bronze Age

Fascinating study of an 1812 soldier from Kalingrad

Through the arrow-slit . . .

More bits of the Great Wall of China found

Trebuchet ball found in Edinburgh Castle

A blogger’s visit to Bannockburn

Forts, cannons and battlefields Through the gunloop…

Details of the recent discoveries in Quebec

Rhode Island’s cannon

5 forts at Bengaluru

Living in the past

Jason Kingsley: trustee at the Royal Armouries, living by the Chivalric code

Café Basiliscoe

Fascinating discovery of a commercial ice house in London

There’s a gingerbread museum…

Into the 20th century

Some WWI Christmas cards, delivered a little late..

Nautical news

More on the Schiedam lost off Cornwall, 1684

Plane propeller dragged up in fishing nets off Plymouth - sparks mystery!

Museum news and exhibitions


Smithsonian Museums close in government shut down

Visitor figures in Paris and New York for 2018

Interview with the director of the Prado

Italy and France indulge in Leonardo wars

Henry Moore, the Wallace collection and helmets

New museums

Most anticipated museum openings of 2019

Rijksmuseum Shiphol to re-open - giving pleasure to air-passengers

New museum "L'envol des pionniers" (The Flight of the Pioneers) in Toulouse.

New Viking display at Copenhagen

Museum musings

A chance to laugh at archaeologists - because museum curators never make mistakes…

Still talking about repatriation

Conservation corner

A really fascinating story about a crate of Enfield rifles found off Newfoundland and its treatment!

Restoration for early Renaissance pulpit will get the big-screen treatment :

Gunpowder art and its problems….


Light-hearted quiz on side arms

Round up of recent expensive weapons at sales


Skating at Newmarket

Victoria Crosses in Leeds

Teesdale in WW1 in Bowes Museum

Theodoor van Loon at Brussels

Exhibitions at Brussels

Genghis Khan at Aarhus

North Indian courtly paintings at the Met


Gareth Williams: Weapons of the Viking Warrior

Das Schwert – Gestalt und Gedanke / The Sword – Form and Thought second edition.

Trevor J Parker: An Illustrated Technical Guide to British WWI Fuzes

Online Books

Brad Kirkland : “Now thrive the Armourers”: The Development of the Armourers’ Crafts and the Forging of Fourteenth-century London

Concrete Sound Mirror Cinque Ports Training Area, Hythe, Kent

Popular culture

Robin Hood on film

Modern music inspired by the Armistice

Photographing WW2 concrete blocks



23 February 2019 Hindlip Hall
OrdCon conference

10 May 2019 Leeds
The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Calls for papers

September 2019 Kyoto
ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)
Call for Papers

Sales, fairs and auctions

News of recent Bonham’s sales

Arms sale in Ohio

Websites and downloads

Arms and Armor Department at the Met

Latest from Military History Online

National Museum of Japanese History

Wessex archaeology

1066 etc: Women & Castles, the Black Prince & cattle and medieval coconuts


I tweeted the highlights of 2018

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 10 January 2019

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