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The Basiliscoe Mercury 308

The Basiliscoe Mercury 308

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Rather a quiet period after Christmas, but still some interesting snippets: medieval sword in a cellar, mammoths in Poland, re-enacting in China and Mary Queen of Scots.

Ancient arms

Hoard of Bronze Age axes and hammers found in Bulgaria

Medieval copper site found in Jordan
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Hunting mammoths in Poland

And hunting dogs in ancient Jordan

Salmon fishing in ancient Artic

Horses rather than mares buried in pagan Viking tombs

Grave stories

Iron Age warrior grave found in Iran

The mystery of the decapitated skeletons in Suffolk

Captain Matthew Flinders found under a railway station
Medieval Miscellany

This month’s sword: in a cellar in Lviv

Medieval siege weapons

Recent work on Slovak castles

The Brussels tournament

Forts and cannons

Royal cannon at the met

New future for Fort George?

Restoring a Krupp gun in South Africa

Living in the past in China

Chinese re-enactment on the rise

Recreating the Summer palace, Beijing

Café Basiliscoe

The world’s oldest clove

Ancient chocolate of the Incas

110 year old Antarctic beer

Medieval recipes


Interesting illustrated feature on the Ripley Scroll

Ancient guns, swords found at Barabanki excavation

Surprising haul of guns and grenades from the Nene

Princesses and Amazons

Mary Queen of scots goes to Falkland palace

And a brief introduction to her life

Nautical news

latest news from Florida

Ottoman era cannon discovered off Algeria

Wreck belonging to the Tokugawa clan found off Japan

Latest on the Hunley’s loss

Slightly spooky take of the WWI U-boat, re-merging from the sea off Calais

Museum news and exhibitions


Future of Greece’s monuments and museums still under threat

Imperial War museum hands over human remains for burial

New Museums

RAF museum opens at Biggin Hill

Cultural figures criticise new glass and steel wing planned for Ferrara

Museum Musings-

Statues- so 2018- it’s all walls now…

Museums are good for you- but we all knew that anyway!

Conservation corner

Dulle Griet the painting back on display in Antwerp

Conserving Tutankhamen’s tomb


US museum gets its stolen powder horn back, after 60+ years…

British trade musket donated to Tippecanoe County Historical Association

Ireland gets its Ivy Patch gun back

Before the AK-47


Carronades in Falkirk
Falkirk folk are made of tough stuff as new exhibition proves!

Exhibitions at the Met


Gareth Williams: Weapons of the Viking Warrior

David Bates: 1066 in Perspective

Natasha Bennett: Chinese Arms and Armour

National Museums of Scotland books

Online Book

Scott A. McLaughlin: Resume of a Seventeenth-Century Top-Secret Weapon:
The Story of the Mount Independence Cannon


Popular Culture

The bear that went to war: a true story- and a happy ending!

Mail-making as a modern business


Diary Dates

19 – 22 April jousting Leeds


23 February 2019 Hindlip Hall
OrdCon conference

6 -7 May, 2019 Maritime Museum of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia
Hobart Whaling Conference 2019

10 May 2019 Leeds
The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Calls for Papers

17-18 May 2019 London
Trial by Fire conference

16-17 November 2019 Portsmouth
Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions: Ship and ordnance remains on land and under the sea

September 2019 Kyoto
ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

Sales, fairs and auctions

News of recent Bonham’s sales

Arms sale in Ohio

2 March 2019 Olympia, London -
The Fourth Antique Arms Fair Incorporating the Park Lane Arms

14 – 15 March 2019

Wallis and Wallis dates for 2019

Thomas Delmar dates for 2019
25 June & 4 December 2019

Websites and Downloads

Les Invalides

1066 etc: Crusades, William rufus& death of Orleans

This fortnight I tweeted pictures of Tilbury Fort

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 2019

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