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The Basiliscoe Mercury 312

The Basiliscoe Mercury 312

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

A shorter, later Bazzy, due to travelling in recent weeks. But there are some Spanish medieval swords, 17th century fortifications from Hull, India and Sri Lanka, a whole saga of the missing Pembroke cannon and some interesting online publications.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Investigating a Bronze Age hoard

Impressive Trajan statue found in Turkey

Interesting research into swords in graves

Recreating a medieval sword in Spain in 3D

Battles, towers and forts

Feature on Hadrian’s Wall, on the back of Game of Thrones

Interpreting Wallsend
Through the gunloop…

Update on Hull’s excavations

Exploring another Dutch fort

Interesting piece about Serampore

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Teutonic knights and cannon

Surprisingly large cast-iron cannon stolen in South Wales

and returned…..

..then the hotel burns down…(but the cannon is ok)

Café Basiliscoe

1,500 year old winepress

Nautical news

Cleopatra’s warships revealed

Viking ship burial located in Vestfold, Norway

Short piece on the Esmerelda

Feature on slave voyages data base

More grenades wash ashore from the Schiedam

Investigating the Thames’ Old Brig

Still no firm news on the Bonhomme Richard

Update on this season’s HMS Erebus

Chinese Jingyuan warship, sunk 1894/5, excavated

Museum news and exhibitions


2018 world exhibitions attendance figures - with Japanese swords creeping in at 20!

New Museums

Expansion planned at Wilson’s Creek visitor centre

National Museum of Qatar

Museum musings

What attendance says about your museum

Slow museum movement


Wellington in India at Apsley House, London

Jolly Rogers at Portsmouth

Homer in Lens

Women war photographers in Dusseldorf

Tintoretto in Washington

Chinese empresses in Washington

Artefacts including weapons from Blackbeard’s ship go on tour

British royal portraits in Bendigo


Ralph Percy, Duke of Northumberland: Lions of the North: The Percys and Alnwick Castle. A Thousand Years of History

Books from Basiliscoe Press

Online Book

Zoe Hazell & Emma Aitken: Wood identifications and recording of wooden remains recovered from the London wreck between 2014 and 2016

Popular culture

What military historians think will happen in Game of Thrones


Diary Dates

Events in Scotland 2019

19 – 22 April jousting in Leeds


10 May 2019 Leeds
The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Calls for papers

September 2019 Kyoto
ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

Sales, fairs and auctions

Thomas del Mar dates for 2019
25 June & 4 December 2019

Websites and downloads

ICOMAM website

And magazines here:

1066 etc Byzantine battles, Jewish knights and Henry V at the movies


We are starting to gather material for the next ICOMAM MAGAZINE so please get your contributions ready - particularly looking for Japanese themed items…

This fortnight I tweeted museums in Toledo and Spain

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 2 April 2019

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